Florida Woman Arrested, Accused Of Setting Ex-Boyfriend On Fire At Easter Dinner


A Florida woman is facing a slew of criminal charges for allegedly setting a man on fire at their Easter dinner. WESH 2 News reported that while the ex-boyfriend of a registered nurse, Shivon Perez, was at her apartment home on the 300 block of Lakepointe Drive in Altamonte Springs, she allegedly asked him to fix a leaking pipe in her bathroom.

As the man, who has been identified as Bradley Atkins by friends and coworkers, was laying on the bathroom floor trying to fix the pipe, Perez purportedly pointed a container at him. When he asked what was in the container, she told him it was gasoline before spraying him.

As she was allegedly spraying her ex-boyfriend with gasoline, she told him, “you are going to pay” for unspecified reasons, according to police.

When he realized that he was on fire, he began taking his clothes off and attempting to put out the flames. As he was doing that, he noticed Perez had begun setting the living room on fire and locking the front door in an effort to keep him from leaving the burning apartment.

Prior to his arrival, she reportedly installed boards on the windows. The victim told Altamonte Springs police that he thought it was odd, but she assured him that it was only to keep the light out.


Authorities say Perez left the apartment after reputedly setting her ex-boyfriend on fire, but she returned moments later to save her dog. In the process, she suffered from smoke inhalation.

Neighbors said they heard the victim screaming, saying he had been set on fire.

The Seminole County Fire Department was called to the scene and immediately put out the fire. The victim was able to make his way out of the burning apartment, but officials say he suffered severe burns to the chest, neck, hand, and right arm.

He was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment. Coworkers say he may need surgery and could be hospitalized for weeks.

Melissa Colgan said, “Just making sure he’s doing okay and trying to get some kind of fund together to help him out since he’ll be out of work.”

“I went and saw him yesterday. He was in good spirits, he’s up, he’s talking.”

Perez was also taken to the hospital “to be intubated and sedated.”

She was arrested a short time later and booked into the Orange County jail without bond. She is facing charges of attempted homicide, arson, and kidnapping.