Kelly Ripa Wanting Ryan Seacrest Replaced On ‘Live!’ With Jerry O’Connell Is False, Reports ‘Gossip Cop’

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A story alleging that Kelly Ripa wants Ryan Seacrest replaced with Jerry O’Connell on Live! is untrue. Ripa’s rep responded to Gossip Cop over claims made about Ripa wanting to oust Seacrest and fill his seat with O’Connell. The TV host’s rep debunked the tabloid report.

The rumor originated in Life & Style magazine, which wrote that Kelly Ripa wanted to bring Jerry O’Connell back on Live! after they reunited recently on The Wendy Williams Show. O’Connell used to appear as a guest co-host before Ryan Seacrest was hired as the show’s permanent co-host. Life & Style‘s source claimed that Ripa was “motivated” by the “chemistry” she had with O’Connell during their visit with Wendy Williams. Another aspect the fabricated report used in Ripa’s desire to bring O’Connell back to Live! was the sexual misconduct claims sparked against Seacrest.

According to the magazine, Ripa was humiliated and caught off guard by the allegations against Seacrest. The story goes on to say that it’s a significant reason why Ripa started talking to Jerry again. Since he was so close to getting the permanent hosting gig on Live!, an insider said that “Kelly and execs at ABC are kicking themselves.”

If Kelly were to sit down and have a heartfelt discussion with Ryan, the source contends that Ryan would “do the right thing” and give up his hosting duties on the show.

Furthermore, the article claims Ripa has tried talking O’Connell into relocating to New York from California. He’s said to be “waiting in the wings” for the opportunity to work with her on Live!.

A rep for Kelly Ripa told Gossip Cop that she has “no plans or desire to orchestrate Seacrest’s ouster.”

Gossip Cop notes that last month Ripa defended Seacrest against the sexual misconduct allegations by saying that she’s “very, very lucky to work with [him] each and every day.”

The Blast reports that Ryan Seacrest is currently with his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, in the Sahara Desert. His getaway comes at a time that his accuser filed a police report of sexual harassment claims against him. A former stylist of the American Idol host alleged that she was fired after she came forward with her story that Ryan sexually harassed and assaulted her. The allegations came just prior to the Oscar Awards that resulted in many celebrities refusing to interview with the TV host on the red carpet. It was an embarrassing situation for Seacrest, who was on the red carpet for E! Live coverage.

Despite the damaging allegations against Seacrest, Kelly Ripa doesn’t want him replaced as her co-host on Live!.