Woman Allegedly Killed A Pregnant Woman, Removed Baby From Her Womb, And Claimed It Was Her Own


A woman allegedly murdered a mother-to-be and cut the baby from her womb in order to conceal her own miscarriage from her husband. According to the Daily Mail, the Mexican woman, Cinthia Fatima is accused of luring Jessica Gabriela, 20, to her Tampico home before strangling her to death and claiming her child.

Both women had met on social media with Fatima enticing the younger woman to her house under a guise that she wanted to give her baby clothes. Ms. Gabriela’s family had raised an alarm when the pregnant woman failed to return home hours later.

Authorities were alerted of a potential break in the case after a female claiming to be Fatima’s sister showed up at a hospital cradling a dead child. She allegedly told doctors that her sister had given birth to a stillborn at home.

However, investigations unearthed that it was not true and that Fatima had lost an eight-month pregnancy a few months earlier.

The Metro is reporting that Cinthia purportedly contacted several women on social media promising them baby clothes in an attempt to murder them and take their unborn children.

Cinthia Fatima was arrested with her husband after the decomposing body of Jessica Gabriela was found in their house. Police are still trying to unravel how the mother-of-three ripped the unborn baby from the body of Ms. Gabriela.


This disturbing crime of stealing babies from the womb has been described as “cesarean kidnapping,” per a report by NCBI.

According to the report, this crime occurs when a woman is desperate for a child at all costs and resorts to attacking a pregnant woman and then ripping a baby from her womb in order to pass off that child as her own.

In 2016, Dynel Lane lured a heavily pregnant woman to her home with the promise of baby clothes. After bludgeoning the unsuspecting woman, Lane proceeded to cut out the fetus from the woman’s womb with two kitchen knives.

According to the Reuters story, Lane called her husband and told him that she had suffered a miscarriage. He rushed back home and took her to the hospital with the dead fetus. The victim who had been left for dead in the basement of the Colorado home managed to reach a phone and call 911.

Dynel Lane was sentenced to 100 years in prison.


The New York Post is reporting that Naiara Silva Costa was another woman butchered for her baby. The 22-year-old woman, who was eight months pregnant, was enticed to Suelen Coimbra do Carmo’s home where she was drugged, stabbed, and hanged. The dead child was found wrapped in clothes and dumped in a wash basin.

Another gruesome case involved a New York woman who killed her pregnant friend. Ashleigh Wade had lied to her boyfriend, friends, and family that she was expecting a baby.

ABC 13 is reporting that Wade lured her friend, Angelikque Sutton, to her home under the pretense of giving her a present before stabbing her to death.

Prosecutors say Wade slashed her friend’s throat so that she could not scream for help, waited for her to bleed out, and then proceeded to cut out the baby with a paring knife.

She was sentenced to 40 years in prison.