Kaley Cuoco Talks About How Her Ex Ryan Sweeting Changed After They Got Married

Over the years, actress Kaley Cuoco has made a name for herself on television, first in the series 8 Simple Rules, and then in The Big Bang Theory. However, it was when the actress married Ryan Sweeting in December of 2013, who she had been dating for just three months before they got engaged in September of that year, that she really made headlines. While the relationship between the two seemed to be on the fast track, things were apparently not good between the couple after the wedding, and the marriage only lasted about 21 months. Now in a new interview with Cosmopolitan, which saw Cuoco on the cover of the magazine, the actress is talking about a number of things, including her career, as well as what happened between herself and Sweeting.

According to Kaley Cuoco, her relationship to Ryan Sweeting actually “ruined” the word marriage for her, and made it so that she did not think she would ever want to get married again, which is why her engagement to Karl Cook came as such a surprise to the actress. Cuoco explained that after she and Sweeting got married, she felt as if he “completely changed,” and he was no longer the same person that she first met and fell in love with.

In talking about how Ryan Sweeting changed after they got married, Kaley Cuoco said she understands “that wasn’t my fault – that was his. I knew how much I had to give and how much I wanted to receive.” Her first marriage also taught her that she needed to be patient and deal with all of the things that life brought her way. Ultimately she says her first failed marriage, and all of the trials she has dealt with, are what brought her to Karl Cook.

After divorcing Ryan Sweeting for what she called “irreconcilable differences,” Kaley Cuoco did not think she would ever find someone who she would even want to marry, let alone someone like her current fiancee. However, it seems that even with a less-than-happy marriage behind her, the actress has been able to find happiness with Cook, and she has chosen to move past her original thoughts that marriage and being married was not for her.

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