Chinese College Student In Possession Of Two Rifles To Be Deported, 'CNN' Reports

CNN reports that a Chinese college student who bought two semiautomatic rifles and exhibited suspicious behavior will be deported. The Chinese student did not make any threats but reportedly alarmed a roommate and a friend with his behavior, the report said. Wenliang Sun, 26, will be deported for an unrelated visa issue, the University of Central Florida police said on Thursday. The police at the Orlando school were reportedly alerted by a campus official in late January that Sun was a "student of concern," police chief Richard Beary said. According to CNN, campus police received information that Sun had altered his appearance and his behavior. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives was contacted, and it was discovered that Sun owned an AR-15-style rifle and ammunition, Beary said.

"We know that in today's world that a person in distress who owns a high-powered firearm, we just cannot ignore that."

The police chief added, "We have a duty and an obligation to make sure our people are safe."

There were warning signs that something bad would happen, and something had to be done. The Guardian - WSU reports that Sun was being uncommunicative with others and not leaving his room, dying his hair blond, paying for an expensive car with cash, and referring to one of his guns as a "sniper rifle." Beary said Sun also went target practicing at a gun range and the college student wouldn't return calls from authorities when they tried to notify him his immigration status was subject to change. However, the police chief disclosed that there were no comments in interviews or in reviews of his electronic devices that Sun was planning to harm anyone.

The warnings, when considered separately, might be insignificant. However, when considered collectively, they were concerning, Beary said.

The police chief believes a disaster was averted, saying, "I think there was a disaster about to happen and we stopped it."

Sun's immigration status was revoked when federal authorities learned he wasn't going to class. CNN reports that as an international student, he was required to attend classes in order to maintain his visa. Sun purchased an LWRC International 300 Blackout rifle, which he refused to hand over to the police for safekeeping, saying it was in a storage facility.

After the visit from the police, he purchased another rifle, a 308-caliber Ruger precision, according to CNN. However, police couldn't detain Sun or seize his rifles because he bought them legally, so they informed federal authorities. Sun was taken into custody on February 7 after his immigration status changed, and a federal judge ruled on March 21 that he be sent home. Wenliang Sun is not allowed to return to the U.S. for 10 years. The Chinese college student is at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement holding facility in Macclenny, Florida, according to ICE.