Taxidermist Turns Dead Rabbit Into A Fully-Functioning Toaster, Shares 'Unusual' Creation On Easter Sunday

A taxidermist who advertises that he makes "mad stuff out of animals" recently shared his newest "daft" creation on social media. According to the Daily Mail on Monday, Jack Devaney, a student at Plymouth University in Plymouth, England, debuted a toaster that he made out of a dead rabbit on Easter Sunday. A demo video of the fully-functioning toaster, which Jack claims will surely catch fire, was posted on a Facebook page devoted to odd creations made out of dead animals.

Early yesterday morning, Jack Devaney uploaded the dead rabbit toaster to his taxidermist Facebook page, and his followers are in awe of the "ewe." The very short video clip, that has since gone viral on @TheWorldAroundEwe, shows toast popping out of a dead rabbit's back. The UK taxidermist made light of his creation by adding the caption to pull "your breakfast out of a hare," rather than pull a "hair out of your breakfast."

However, the Daily Mail reports that "not everyone" is a fan of Jack Devaney's dead rabbit toaster, and Jack himself says that he gets "varied" responses on all of his "bad taxidermy" creations. Jack's taxidermy work reportedly went viral last year after he shared another photo on Facebook of a dead rat turned into a pencil case -- or toothbrush case -- complete with a working zipper along its back.

Jack is apparently trying to outdo some of the other "bad taxidermy" stuff that he sees online by making some "daft stuff" of his own, which he can duplicate "just for you" on an order-by-order basis. The Plymouth Herald wrote about Jack Devaney, who's in his early 20s, last year and shared that the student of three-dimensional design skins dead animals to make into "bizarre creations," that Jack says are most popular in America.

The Mirror writes that Jack Devaney's previous employment history includes working for nine years as a butcher, which Jack says gave him the know-how to "pluck, skin, and dress" various dead animals that he sources locally from pet stores, pest control businesses, and estate managers. The Mirror also outlines in detail how Jack goes about processing the dead animals for use in his taxidermy creations.

According to Jack, "slightly frozen" dead rabbits, like the one featured in his most recent "very unusual" toaster, have thin skin and are "more delicate" than thick-skinned creatures during the first phase of removing the fur and the skin. Some common dead animals that Jack orders and receives through next-day delivery include moles, rats, squirrels, and rabbits.

The Express Digest reports that Jack Devaney actually stretched a dead rabbit's skin around a working toaster, turning his latest art project into a fully-functioning "Easter special." However, Jack says that he plans to "remove things to stop" the toaster from heating and toasting, mainly because he fears the dead rabbit toaster "will definitely start a fire."

Although Jack has received attention worldwide thanks to his taxidermy creations for more than a year now, he also admits that he probably won't make a living from his "daft," or silly, work, that he says "some people" suggest has "deeper meaning" or is "satirical" in nature. Jack shared his first "badly done taxidermy" creation on Instagram in December of 2016 of a two-headed rat that he tagged as "so bad it's good."

While Jack Devaney's dead rabbit toaster on Easter Sunday is considered somewhat "disturbing" by some viewers, it isn't the oddest taxidermy creation ever shared on social media. The Inquisitr reported a story in February of 2016 about a taxidermist in South Dakota who actually received death threats after sharing his creation on Facebook of preserved dead puppies, that were reportedly stillborn, stuffed "in jars for Valentine's Day."