Some Interesting April Fools’ Day Pranks

The origin of April Fools’ Day is unresolved, but there is no doubt it has become part of our culture. Besides, there is a day for almost everything, so why not a day for pranks. This year’s April Fools’ Day coincided with Easter for the first time since 1956. One of the interesting things about April Fools’ Day is the effort people put into pranks. April Fools’ is not a time to take things too seriously because some pranks are pretty convincing or annoying while others may be hilarious and entertaining. According to the Washington Post, the list of the 2018 April Fools’ Day pranks includes efforts by Amazon, IBM, Netflix, Roku, Fitbit, and Imgur, among others.

Amazon’s own take was via a tweet that it was delivering actual authors to people’s houses while IBM announced the launch of a Model Q quantum keyboard. Netflix announced the acquisition of the personal autonomy of Seth Rogen. According to the press release, Netflix said, “Rogen has entered into a lifetime deal to transfer full ownership of his personal autonomy to Netflix, Inc.” Viewers became suspicious after reading through the press release filled with some hilarious content. Streaming service Roku introduced Happy Streaming Socks through their YouTube page. Happy Streaming Socks work like a remote, with “motion sensors” allowing users to navigate TV content by moving their feet. Elon Musk also had something to say about bankruptcy on April 1 via a tweet.

Fitbit’s April Fools’ prank was the announcement of their dating app via Facebook called SoleMate with the tag, “Burning calories meets burning passion in Fitbit’s first-ever dating app for people who love to walk.” The online image sharing community and image host Imgur announced the launch of their own “streaming service” as its prank for the day. According to The Verge, 23andMe teamed up with Lexus to use your DNA to choose which Lexus is right for you. The report also said you can start the vehicle by licking the steering wheel.

YouTube users also saw their share of April Fools’ Day pranks. Popular tech reviewer Marques Brownlee reviewed a fake Bixby speaker on his channel that Samsung would probably not be proud of. In the video, the speaker starts using obscenities when asked about Siri, prompting the reviewer to hit the mute button. The speaker, unable to solve a math question, turns to Google assistant to ask for help. Lastly, the speaker bursts into smoke after the power cable is detached from the speaker. These are few of the many popular April Fools’ Day pranks of 2018.

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