Megan Fox Talks About The Pressures Of Fame As She Shows Off New Frederick’s Of Hollywood Lingerie Collection

In 2016, Megan Fox joined forces with Frederick’s of Hollywood as not only a co-owner of the company but also as their global brand ambassador and even creative collaborator. Now, the actress is on the cover of Style Verify Magazine showing off the newest lingerie collection from the company, while also taking the time to discuss the pressures of fame that she deals with on what seems to be a daily basis.

Although the focus of the magazine spread was primarily on the newest lingerie from Frederick’s of Hollywood, Fox also took the time to discuss a number of topics, from being a mom to the negative portrayal of herself in the press and even her own beauty tips. When it comes to being a parent, Megan Fox shared that it is her intuition as a mom that is her greatest strength. The actress shared that when something is wrong with her children, that is when her intuition really kicks in.

Beyond her experiences as a mother, Fox also talked about the pressures of being famous and how the press often portrays her in a negative light, saying that “people like to twist my own narrative and use it against me.” This has led to the actress feeling like there have been times where the press was essentially bullying her, and it actually left her feeling “powerless” and unable to really express herself the way she wanted to, even when she was trying to be as genuine and honest as possible.

This sense that her words would be twisted no matter what she had to say made Megan Fox feel “discouraged in that way because I felt like I do not know how to be or live in this industry and have to do interviews.” The actress said that every time she says something, she believes the press is going to find a way to turn it into something scandalous that will lead to people tearing her apart.

Ultimately, Megan Fox said that she had to find a way to step back from the way the media portrays her in order to get not only clarity but also a sense of objectivity so she could stop taking things so personally. Fox said by turning the constant negativity and “attacks” into a lesson of sorts, it allows her to remove the “victimhood from a lot of this.” By changing the way she looks at the media and the way it tends to portray her, Megan Fox said “that it is going to have a positive outcome because now your perspective has changed.”

Although the press may continue to find ways to “twist” Fox’s words, she said that she feels free now and she even has the message “you are free” as her screensaver for her phone. Now, as part of the Frederick’s of Hollywood family, the actress is focusing less on the negative press that follows her as someone in the entertainment industry and instead is giving her attention to the new lingerie the company is bringing out and the launch of a collection done in collaboration with Forever 21.

While the actress might be working closely with Frederick’s of Hollywood, this does not mean she has given up her acting career. In fact, Megan Fox shared the news that she is going to be working on a new project with Josh Duhamel, which will be a family movie that revolves around divorce and modern family dynamics. For now, though, fans of the actress and the lingerie company can see her as part of the new Frederick’s of Hollywood campaign.

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