April 1, 2018
Son Of Right-Wing Talk Show Host Challenges David Hogg To Debate On Gun Control

Rex Jones, the 15-year-old son of right-wing talk show host and prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, is calling on Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg to engage him in a gun control debate.

Rex Jones is now at the forefront of a feud that began between the 17-year-old Hogg and Alex Jones when Jones suggested that Hogg and other survivors of the Florida school shooting were paid actors — an allegation that drew criticism from Hogg's supporters and debunked by media outlets.

The outspoken high school senior has become the face and a voice of a movement driven by Hogg and other students across the country, who are protesting gun violence and seeking reforms on current gun laws. The movement has the support of many celebrities and other public figures and appears to be gaining momentum.

Alex Jones, who is the founder and host of the websites Infowars and PrisonPlanet, has provided his son a platform to express an alternative view of gun control from a teenager's perspective. Alex Jones has a considerable audience of millions along with a syndicated radio show.

Rex Jones recently issued a challenge to Hogg for a face-to-face debate over their opposing views on gun control and the Second Amendment. In typical Jonesian style, the younger Jones immediately went on the offensive during a video, calling Hogg out while simultaneously criticizing and taunting him.

"Prove me wrong. Prove you are a smart individual and not a Democrat puppet who spouts talking points," said Rex Jones, while glaring into the camera.

Alex Jones' son challenges David Hogg to debate.
AP Images | Andrew Harnik

Rex Jones also said that Hogg was afraid to debate someone his own age and accused him of hiding behind CNN, his "bully enforcer."

Rex's father, Alex Jones, gained notoriety as a promoter of some of the most widespread conspiracy theories in circulation today, such as suggesting that the September 11 terror attacks were perpetrated by the Bush administration and the Sandy Hook school shooting was a government hoax to bring about the seizure of guns from American citizens.

However, since Donald Trump became president, Jones has somewhat softened his anti-government stance in favor of the "Deep State," which is a theoretical cabal of operatives within the federal government who act on the directions of the "globalists."

Hogg, who has amassed a following numbering into the hundreds of thousands, has given several speeches on the failure of the government to protect Americans from gun violence.

Hogg has also gained sufficient stature in the national arena to draw the ire of a few powerful conservative voices as well.

Hogg was recently attacked by conservative pundit Laura Ingraham, who took a jab at him over alleged college entrance difficulties. The backlash against Ingraham was swift, with several major sponsors withdrawing their advertising during her show. Ingraham has since apologized for her remarks.

However, the playing field has somewhat been evened out, according to Rex Jones, who pointed out that he is a teen like Hogg and there are no advertisers to withdraw support from him.

Rex Jones also roundly condemned Hogg for what he called an attempt to deprive Ingraham of her right to free speech.