Kate Middleton Has Not ‘Banned’ Prince William From Solo Travel

A year ago, Prince William found himself in the royal spotlight for less favorable reasons than usual. The future king was caught in a video clip that went viral and led to speculation that he and Kate Middleton were experiencing a rocky patch in their marriage. Rumors even swirled that the Duchess decided to ban Prince William from solo travel due to the video, which was filmed while William was away on a ski holiday without his wife

A year later, and the adored royal couple are still going strong with another mini-royal on the way. Despite the rumor regarding William’s apparent ban from solo travel making the rounds without being debunked, Gossip Cop can officially stamp out the claims made that Duchess Kate was so upset at Prince William that she banned him from traveling without her. The site first reminded readers of the ridiculous story fabricated by the National Enquirer, last year.

“Describing Middleton as ‘furious,’ a so-called ‘source’ declared, ‘These boys-only skiing trips are a thing of the past.’ The gossip magazine’s alleged tipster further asserted the Duchess of Cambridge ‘wears the trousers’ in the marriage, and claimed ‘William will be made to pay’ for his supposedly ‘humiliating’ misdeeds. Consequently, the outlet maintained the Duke could ‘no longer travel alone.'”

Despite the likelihood that Kate Middleton was less-than-impressed with her husband’s antics while on his ski holiday a year ago, GC noteds that the media and tabloids fabricated many details making the incident seem much more scandalous than it actually was.

The story by the unreliable tabloid regarding a ban has since proven to be entirely false seeing as Prince William has gone on to take solo journeys over the past 12 months, including a trip to Finland and Belgium late last year. It has also been made known that Prince William will head to the Middle East without Kate Middleton, in the near future.

It was recently announced that the prince is to head to the West Bank and that the journey will mark the first time that a British royal has visited this region. William will also visit Jordan, Palestine, and Israel on this official royal tour.

The tour is set to take place on an unspecified date this upcoming summer. Emirates Women shared the announcement made by a representative at Kensington Palace this past month,

“The visit is at the request of Her Majesty’s Government and has been welcomed by the Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian authorities,” the announcement stated.

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