Morsi Called Jews ‘Descendants Of Apes And Pigs’: US Aid To Egypt Unaffected

A diplomatic uproar is brewing over revelations that President Morsi of Egypt referred to Jews and Israelis as “Descendants Of Apes And Pigs” and Bloodsuckers” in a speech he made in 2010. He also called President Obama a “liar” in the same speech, which surfaced this week in a video that was openly broadcast without censorship on Egyptian television.

Although the US delegation to Egypt led by Senator John McCain condemned the comments as “deeply offensive,” the racist remarks against the Jewish people and the insults to President Obama will not affect the foreign aid the United States promised Egypt. The cash strapped Middle Eastern nation is expecting another 480 million dollars of American assistance, along with the Obama administration’s promise to give 200 Abrams tanks and 10 F-16 fighter jets to the Egyptian military.

One might wonder what line must be crossed before someone finally holds Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood accountable and turns off the golden tap that pours out the cash and weapons. Since his election to the presidency, Morsi has packed his Cabinet with hard line Muslim Brotherhood members, declared his policies are not subject to judicial review, and rammed a Sharia based Constitution down the throats of the Egyptian people.

While Morsi continues the Arab tradition of Jew hate and hostility to Israel, the International Monetary Fund is moving full speed ahead to give Egypt another 4.8 billion dollar loan. As the Islamist extremists from the Salafi movement, who often act as Morsi’s enforcers, call for the death of Egypt’s 10 million Coptic Christians and the destruction of the Sphinx, the Egyptian President spends his time begging for foreign aid and international investment. He seems unconcerned with the possibility that his hateful comments might discourage other nations and foreign corporations from dealing with Egypt.

The lack of ethics and character exhibited in the response to Morsi’s racist remarks would be truly offensive, except for the fact that we have witnessed this display of moral bankruptcy for decades. Israel is routinely condemned every time a house is built in Jerusalem, yet Morsi can sling his disgusting slurs and still get his handouts from Mr. Obama.

Hardly a complaint was heard when Professor Richard Falk, a prominent member of the UN’s Human Rights Commission, published an insulting cartoon depicting a Jewish dog urinating on Lady Justice, attired in a Kippah and a Star Of David. Once again, the mainstream media is doing its damnedest to ignore this story and journalists the world over are struggling to stifle their yawns.

We must ask what it would take before the talking heads and the pundits finally speak out against the Jew hate of Mr. Morsi and his ilk. Every time the nation of Israel tries to defend itself against the 12 year barrage of missiles fired at its citizens, the New York Times trots out Tom Friedman to slam Israel and call Prime Minister Netanyahu a warmonger, yet they won’t say a word when Morsi calls 14 million human beings and their ancestors “Apes and Pigs.”

The United States has a sorry record of tolerating tyrants and killers, while holding America’s closest friends to an impossible double standard. After almost a century of backing tin horn dictators and religious extremists who murder their own and plunder billions, it seems our leaders are incapable of learning the lessons of history. The time has come to stop giving our blood and treasure to those who hate us and advocate racial genocide.

It was only 75 years ago that Jews were forced to wear yellow stars as they were herded off to the death camps in cattle cars. Hitler also called Jews “Apes and Pigs” and he killed six million. After 1900 years of racial persecution and one Holocaust, it is simply inexcusable to let Morsi off the hook for his comments and send him more money, tanks and planes. If he is willing to openly and publicly call Jews “Apes and Pigs,” can he be trusted not to use those weapons to kill Jews?