Jennifer Lawrence And Rob Kardashian Are Not Dating, Despite Tabloid Report [Debunked]

Jennifer Lawrence is dating Rob Kardashian. That’s a claim that was reported in Heat, a tabloid based in Australia. As Gossip Cop reports, the story is based on the fact that Lawrence and Kris Jenner know each other. In fact, the two seem to be quite fond of each other. According to People Magazine, Lawrence gave Kris a Porsche last year for Christmas. Jenner revealed on Instagram that it was a toy Porsche, but the exchange revealed that the two are pretty familiar with each other.

As Gossip Cop notes, Heat seems to have capitalized on that friendship to manufacture their story. In it, they claim that Kris has subtly been “playing matchmaker” between them and that all of her plotting has resulted in a relationship between JLaw and Rob. Their “source” goes on to say that although Rob normally goes for “bad girls,” Jennifer Lawrence is a welcome change for him. They also say that after some long phone conversations, the Red Sparrow actress and the Arthur George sock designer have gone on some lunch and coffee dates.

But the celebrity rumor watchdog says nothing could be further from the truth. Gossip Cop checked with their rep who said that the tabloid did not make contact to verify their claims before they printed the story. Also, their assertion that Jennifer Lawrence and Rob Kardashian have gone on lunch and coffee is doubly questionable because they are both very famous — so famous that if they had gone out on a date, a paparazzi photographer would have more than likely snapped a photo of them.

So, given the statement from Rob Kardashian’s rep and the fact that there are no photos from these alleged dates, the story from Heat has no credibility. The only connection between Rob and Jennifer Lawrence is Kris Jenner, but that doesn’t mean that she set them up and it certainly doesn’t mean that the two are now dating.

Since his breakup with Blac Chyna, the mother of his child, Rob has shied away from social media. But based on photos of him posted on his birthday, it looks like he has lost some weight. Any weight loss is probably not as a result of Jennifer Lawrence’s influence, however, as Heat would like us to believe.

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