Source Reveals Three of Kody Brown's Wives Considering Leaving 'Sister Wives' Star

Kody Brown and his four wives have been through a lot over the past year or so. Meri Brown had to deal with someone catfishing her and things have been rough. Now, Radar Online is sharing that it looks like three of Kody Brown wives are considering leaving him. Of course, Robyn Brown won't be going anywhere and is happy with Kody, but their marriage is also still very new. A Brown insider is sharing that things are not really the way that they look on television. On the show, you would think that all four are sticking around except for maybe Meri.

The source is claiming that Meri Brown is certainly going to walk away from Kody. Of course, this has not happened yet, but things are not looking good right now. Meri doesn't have any young children at home and honestly, it would be pretty easy for her to move on. The source shared that the entire family has been torn apart. Meri actually had an emotional affair with what she thought was a man online. It turned out that it was a woman, by the name of Jackie Overton, just pretending to be a man and that there was not really a man at all. That doesn't mean that Meri didn't have feelings for the person she was talking to though, and rumors were she was even considering leaving Kody Brown to be with this man.

The person that Meri Brown was talking to still insists that they are a man and has shared that a tell-all book is even coming out soon. The source says that this book about what went on with Meri Brown will be coming out soon and will reveal a lot of things that nobody knows about their affair. If this books comes out, it will be really hard to know what to believe though.

The source went on to explain that Kody Brown could end up alone with fourth wife Robyn if he doesn't watch it. The source revealed that Kody actually fat shames Christine and says that he was "repulsed by her when they first met." The source revealed that Janelle Brown has not been happy for a long time and wasn't even in love with Kody when they met and got married.

This unnamed source even feels like Kody Brown might be looking for a fifth wife and a younger one at that, but that is hard for viewers to believe. Kody has made it very clear that he is happy with having four wives and doesn't have big plans to add another one into the mix.

The source then revealed that Kody Brown is really focused on Robyn right now. She is his fourth wife and the only one that is pregnant at this time as well. They also have the youngest child at the Brown house together. Their relationship is still in the newlywed stage. Here is what the source had to say about it.
"He really only wants to hang with Robyn. There's a ton of tension. He's a total bully. It's miserable behind closed doors."
Do you think that Kody Brown of Sister Wives is going to end up alone? Do you feel like all of his wives, but Robyn have one foot out the door? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. There is talk that Sister Wives will be coming back for another season on TLC, but so far there has not been any confirmation by the network. Viewers would love to see more from Kody Brown and whatever wives end up sticking around.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]