Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Reveal If They Ever Fight And Share Marriage Advice

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are never shown losing their temper with one another on Counting On. So does the couple really get along this well in real life, or do they have the occasional lovers’ quarrel? The Duggar daughter and her pastor husband recently addressed this question, and they also offered some marriage advice for admirers of their relationship.

In a video that was posted on the Counting On Facebook page, Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar respond to some fan mail. The couple doesn’t answer some common queries about their marriage, like why Jinger decided to start wearing pants after she married Jeremy or whether they used some form of birth control to put off starting a family. However, Jeremy Vuolo does respond to a question that wasn’t even asked. According to the Duggar husband, he and his wife are often quizzed about what their first fight was like and whether they squabble with one another.

“We really haven’t fought,” Jeremy says.

However, Jinger Duggar admits that she and her husband aren’t always on the same page. She fesses up to having “small disagreements” with Jeremy, a few of which have been featured on Counting On. One example is Jinger arguing with her husband over whether it would be safe to take the lid off a piping hot cup of coffee in the car. In the episode “Let Them Eat Cake,” she quickly caved to her husband’s demand for her to remove the lid from a to-go coffee cup. Jeremy was driving, and the scalding hot drink spilled all over his wife’s legs when he took a corner.

Instead of getting angry at her husband about the coffee incident, Jinger laughed it off. According to the Duggar daughter, her secret to not getting upset with Jeremy whenever he says or does something she disagrees with is to put his feelings first.

“Just counting the other person more than yourself,” Jinger says of her relationship advice for others.

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The Counting On star also warns her admirers to make sure that their sole interest in other people isn’t how they can personally benefit from them. Instead of focusing on what they can get out of others, she advises her fans to think about what they have to give to those they are close to and how they can encourage them. She also says that communication is key when it comes to marriage.

“Anytime we have a disagreement, though, I think what we’ve tried to do is just talk about it, and then think of the other person and what their view is, too. I think you’ve really set a good example in that, too, for me,” Jinger says to her husband in the Counting On video.

Jinger’s suggestion that husbands should take their wives’ feelings into consideration is a far cry from what her mother, Michelle Duggar, believes. As reported by People, the Duggar family matriarch’s advice for a married woman is to always be “joyfully available” to her husband when he wants to have sex, even if she’s “exhausted and big pregnant.” Jinger, who is currently expecting her first child, decided against passing this recommendation along.