March 30, 2018
Jennifer Aniston Got Rejected By Angelina Jolie For Dinner, Reports 'In Touch'

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie never got a chance to sit down and talk after the Maleficent star allegedly stole Brad Pitt from the Friends alum. However, the 49-year-old actress thinks that this is the perfect time to patch things up since the 42-year-old Jolie had already filed a divorce from the Fury actor, and Aniston has also ended her marriage to Justin Theroux.

According to In Touch, Jennifer invited Angelina for dinner, but the Oscar winner rejected her invitation. The mother-of-six allegedly said that she didn't owe the ex-wife of her estranged husband an apology. Back in 2006, Jolie told Vogue that she is willing to have a woman-to-woman talk with Aniston to prove that her relationship with Brad was not intentional.

According to E! News, Angie did meet Jen once, but it was not a proper meeting. She claimed that they've just passed each other and said "hi" briefly and shook hands. They didn't get a chance to sit down and talk, but the brunette beauty said she would welcome it if Aniston would decide to do so. However, it seems that she had a change of heart after her marriage failed.

Despite getting rejected, Jennifer Aniston doesn't want to hold a grudge on Angelina Jolie because things are allegedly going great for her and Brad Pitt. Apart from their fans, the actor's mom, Jane Pitt, is reportedly happy that they are back in touch.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

According to Hollywood Life, she hated the way things ended between her son and his first wife, so it was a big relief for her that they've patched things up. If Pitt and Aniston ever get back together, Jane will allegedly be over the moon because she still thinks of her former daughter-in-law as part of their family. Unfortunately, the exes are unlikely to rekindle their romance and get back together

People reported that Jennifer and Brad haven't seen each other in ages. They reportedly broke up and did it because they had some issues. They are allegedly not likely to forget why their marriage didn't work out. Despite the rumors that the two have reunited, Aniston and Pitt have moved on from each other – and are currently moving on from Theroux and Jolie. Their lives are allegedly very different from when they first met, so there is now rush to start a new relationship again.