Meghan Markle ‘The Same’ As Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s Ex-Wife, Claims Royal Source To ‘Express’

Meghan Markle is reportedly as “colorful” and “interactive” as the Duchess of York, claims an insider who recently spoke to Express.

Sarah Ferguson, the oft-ostracized duchess, who is better known as Fergie, is Prince Andrew’s ex-wife and is the mother of newly engaged Princess Eugenie and her older sister Princess Beatrice.

To royal watchers, it may seem strange — perhaps even bad luck — to compare popular Meghan to former-royal Fergie, but the insider claims that there are many similarities between the two women. This is especially interesting as the press is currently so focused on comparing Meghan to Kate Middleton, in demeanor and fashion.

The insider continued making comparisons between Fergie and the Suits actress, who promises to bring modernity to the royal family and the breath of fresh air that carefree Fergie brought when she and Prince Andrew married.

The source revealed that “[t]hey’re similar,” favorably comparing Meghan Markle to the more controversial royal Sarah Ferguson, claiming it is “not a bad thing.”

“The Duchess of York is very colorful and very interactive. She has a particularly robust character.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Princess Diana was the matchmaker that brought Fergie, Diana’s childhood friend and cousin, together with Prince Andrew, Diana’s favorite brother-in-law.

Fergie’s upbeat personality and easy ways made her both a public and a palace favorite. Their relationship was light and breezy.

To the press, the Yorks were delightful, in sharp contrast to Charles and Diana, whose demeanors lacked their earlier sparkle, which would later be explained that this was when their marriage was rapidly unraveling.

In love with Fergie, the press constantly compared Sarah and Diana, with publications such as Vanity Fair asking, “Is Fergie’s fizz leaving Di flat?”

Yet, even love could not keep the Duke and Duchess of York together. Fergie was bored and painfully alone. Prince Andrew’s royal duties and military career meant that he was gone most of the year. This left Fergie alone to deal with the non-stop paparazzi everywhere she went.

Then a shocking event swiftly took down their marriage and tainted the royal family’s image for years to come.

According to BBC News, in 1992, a topless, sunbathing Fergie was photographed with her American accountant sucking on her toes. What made this more shocking was that the young princesses were there, watching. The press had a field day.

Soon, the couple announced their separation, and they divorced in 1996. They continued to co-parent.

Even now, they still remain living together, bringing speculation that the two will remarry once Kate Middleton has her third royal baby. Then Prince Andrew will no long be sixth in line to the throne, and will no longer be required to ask permission of his mother, the Queen, to remarry. This is the very woman whom Fergie still calls “mama.”

The insider who spoke to Express “speculated” that had these series of events happened now, Sarah and Andrew would have remained married.

“It’s very different now, time wise. It’s more modern.”

Anyone who questions that speculation should remember that no one imagined that Prince Charles would ever marry his mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles. Now, there is speculation that when he becomes king, she will be queen.

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