Carrie Underwood Is Pregnant With Twins, Reports 'Life & Style'

Amanda Lynne

Carrie Underwood may be pregnant again. The country music singer and former American Idol contestant is allegedly pregnant for the second time, but those closest to her believe she may be carrying twins this time around.

According to a March 28 report by Life & Style, friends and family members close to Carrie Underwood believe that she is pregnant again and expecting at least one more child with her husband, Mike Fisher. Carrie and Mike are already the parents of a son, Isaiah, 3. The couple has yet to confirm any pregnancy rumors, but insiders are revealing that Underwood has been open about wanting at least two more children and that "twins would be music to her ears."

The source goes on to say that Carrie Underwood has been eating more than usual, even more than she did during her first pregnancy, which has sparked rumors that the former American Idol winner is expecting twins. The insider reveals that Underwood is craving lots of different foods such as dark chocolate and veggie sandwiches from Subway. In addition, the singer is said to also be taking a step back from her usual workout routine and "scaling back on sessions with her personal trainer."

Carrie Underwood, 35, has also reportedly been commenting on things such as baby clothes and even discussing a big home renovation that she and her husband Mike Fisher are planning to undergo which would be to make some room for a nursery. Underwood allegedly even has a theme picked out for the nursery, which is a fairytale motif. Sources reveal that Carrie "loves" children's books and fairytales, and would likely build a room as a "little kingdom" for the twins and "stock it with classic books."