'Mad Max' And 'TrackMania Turbo' Headline April's PlayStation Plus Free Games

David Stonecipher

Each month, PlayStation Plus subscribers can add a number of free games to their libraries. These games are free to PS Plus members as long as they maintain their subscriptions. Next month, two more PlayStation 4 titles will be available to players with active memberships. In April, Mad Max and TrackMania Turbo are free to download for PS Plus players.

PS Plus will offer four additional titles to members in April, too. Two PlayStation 3 games and two more PS Vita titles will be free next month. On PS3, In Space We Brawl and Toy Home will be available. On PS Vita, 99 Vidas and Q*Bert Rebooted will be free, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Of course, the PlayStation 4 titles are the highlight for most subscribers. Mad Max is a third-person action adventure game with a focus on vehicular combat. As Max Rockatansky, players seek revenge on the locals for stealing his Interceptor. The title lets players upgrade their Magnum Opus vehicle with new parts from enemy cars, and Max can be customized with new skills.

The other PS4 title, TrackMania Turbo, is a racing title where players race the clock. The game also supports custom tracks, which can be shared with other players. A unique co-op mode lets two players control one car and split-screen multiplayer are also part of TrackMania Turbo.

PS Plus games are available starting on the first Tuesday of each month. As long as that trend continues, Mad Max and the other titles will be available beginning on April 3. Subscribers can add the PS Plus titles to their libraries, letting them download the games at any time while PS Plus is active.

The PS Plus service also grants access to online multiplayer, discounts, and cloud saves. As noted on the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles will no longer be included in the service starting in March 2019. Existing PS3 and PS Vita games will still be available to PS Plus subscribers as long as they added them to their library at the time of the promotion.

There is still time to add March's PS Plus games to players' libraries now. On PS4, Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank can be downloaded. Two PS3 titles and two PS Vita are also part of March's PS Plus offerings. After the April titles are available, the March titles can no longer be added to PlayStation 4, PS3, or PS Vita libraries.