British Woman Allegedly Sells Her Virginity To Hollywood Actor


A 26-year-old woman named Jasmin claims to have auctioned her virginity to the highest bidder. This highest bidder happens to be a Hollywood actor, according to The Sun. The British woman said she was amazed to be bought by one of her “favorite actors from Hollywood,” according to the report. The unnamed celebrity reportedly bid on a 19-year-old U.S. model named Giselle in 2017 but lost to a higher bidder, an Abu Dhabi businessman who paid £3.9 million for her.

An Inquisitr report also told the story of another woman, Bailey Gibson, who sold her virginity even though she was from a deeply religious home. This controversial trend gives women the opportunity to earn some money for their virginity. Cinderella Escorts, the website in charge of the arrangement, gets 20 percent of the proceeds.

The Hollywood actor reportedly outbid a German businessman and a Manchester United football player with $1.4 million, according to The Sun. The British woman said to The Sun,

“I really respect ladies who are traditional and want to wait for sex after marriage. I was one of them. I really wanted to wait for the right one. But I don’t want to wait any longer… So I chose another way which will make me happy. I am sure about my decision.”

The Sun reports that Jasmin’s parents are in support of her decision to sell her virginity. According to In Touch, she found a support system within her family while making this controversial choice. The 26-year-old is reportedly the first British woman to join the trend. In a video message, Jasmin said she was selling her virginity because she wanted to travel the world. Jan Zakobielski, the 27-year-old German in charge of Cinderella Escorts, said the website has “verified millionaires and billionaires” as members. The company claims to be the world’s most famous escort agency, according to The Sun. The escort agency said, “The women can cancel the meeting at any point if they feel uncomfortable or the customer was unkempt or not a gentleman.”

Featured image credit: Stuart Franklin/Bongarts/Getty Images

Zakobielski said there is a huge demand for virgins because “most rich men like exclusive things.” Virginity can be given only once and Jasmin has kept hers for 26 years, making it unique. The report indicates that Jasmin has met the Hollywood actor, but the deed will be done sometime in April in a hotel room in Germany. Cinderella Escorts has helped a lot of women sell their virginity, according to the Inquisitr.

The Daily Mail reports that an Australian university student named Kiara is auctioning her virginity on the escort website. The 20-year-old created a page on Cinderella Escorts recently; two Australian politicians, a famous Australian singer, and a businessman have already expressed interest, according to the report.