Hunter Falls Into Frozen Colorado River

A hunter who fell through ice on the Colorado River has been rescued after freezing for more than half an hour under the water. Lower Valley Fire District Chief Frank Cavaliere says the man, believed to be age 60, was treated for hypothermia, says the Huffington Post.

Mike Page, a Grand Junction Fire Department spokesman, tells us the man had gone onto the ice after a dog that was retrieving a game bird around noon Tuesday. Other hunters supposedly saw the man break through the ice and called 911, according to KWGN. The dog was running around in the 14-degree weather and seemed fine when firefighters arrived.

The dog instinctively knew that to survive frigid temperatures. You should keep moving to keep your body temperature from dropping too fast.

The man reportedly gripped an ice shelf with one leg outside the water. A firefighter used a floating board to swim out and help the man out of the frozen river.

That old man is one tough cookie to survive conditions like this.