‘Suits’ Season 7 Spoilers: Here’s How Meghan Markle’s Rachel and Patrick J. Adams’ Mike Will Exit The Show

Alexandra WymanGetty Images

Suits Season 7 is set to make a big return on USA Network this week, but it will be a bittersweet period for the fans since this will be the last season for original cast members Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle. Their characters, Mike Ross and Rachel Zane, are set to make their final appearance on the legal drama in Season 7B’s two-hour finale on April 25.

Much of the drama on Suits revolved on Mike’s big secret as a hot shot lawyer without a law degree and his romance with Rachel. Both were integral to the story from day one to present, and fans are wondering how Suits Season 7 will say goodbye to Mike and Rachel. In an interview with TVLine, producer Aaron Korsh how the couple will exit the show will come as a surprise to fans, but there will be hints leading up to it from the start of the season. Indeed, in the season premiere, as reported by Entertainment Tonight, Mike and Rachel dive into some innocent flirtation that also doubles as a trip down memory lane.

In one scene, Rachel, who is now a lawyer working for the firm, is preparing packets for a case she’s handling when Mike drops by and initiates a conversation. The couple talks about how, when Rachel was still a paralegal, Mike “dumped all of his grunt work” on her, after which Rachel swore she’d never do the same thing to another paralegal.

What happens for Mike and Rachel on Suits Season 7 is one of the biggest topics of the season, especially as Adams and Markle have confirmed their departure from the show. Adams said that the conflict that somewhat tore Mike and Rachel apart in the previous season will affect the couple as the show progresses.

However, the character’s individual exits from the show will likely result from something outside their relationship. For Mike, it will have something to do with whether he wants to be a pro bono attorney that champions people rights or work as a corporate attorney that earns big money. Korsh revealed that this will be Mike’s dilemma in the seventh season, and he will realize this when he takes one on particular case.

Mike’s wedding to Rachel and their future life together as a married couple will factor into how Mike comes into a decision. There’s going to be a push and pull for the couple, at one point saying they should set aside their wedding for a bit and their later on saying “let’s put it on the front burner a bit,” Korsh explained.

“Where do you want to spend it? How do you want to lead it? There’s a particular episode where that comes to the fore with them, and that plays into what’s going on with Mike, professionally — and collectively, they make this decision.”

But will Mike and Rachel’s relationship end in marriage? “They’ve been together for a long time, so that’s the hint I’ll give,” Korsh told TV Guide.

The final six episodes of Suits Season 7 will premiere on March 28 on USA Network.