WWE News: Huge Injury Confirmed By WWE Could Jeopardize Major Title Match At ‘WrestleMania 34’

With less than two weeks to go until WrestleMania 34, WWE received some pretty bad news when one of its top stars was listed as unable to compete due to an injury. Asuka is set to put her undefeated streak on the line in New Orleans as she challenges for the SmackDown Live Championship against Charlotte Flair, but the status of that match is now up in the air. WWE confirmed and announced on Tuesday that Charlotte Flair is injured and can’t currently compete.

It is one of the major matches for the pay-per-view and it would be huge for the women’s division to have one great champion against the winner of the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble. Asuka shocked everyone when she chose to challenge Flair instead of Alexa Bliss on Monday Night Raw, and fans know it would be a great match.

Early on Tuesday evening, the official website of WWE that Charlotte Flair is “unable to compete” due to an injury. They did not elaborate as to what type of injury had been suffered by Flair or the severity of it but went into fans being able to vote for her replacement in the Mixed Match Challenge.

Becky Lynch, Carmella, and Lana are those who hope to win the fan’s vote to team with Bobby Roode against the team of Finn Balor and Sasha Banks.

Charlotte Flair was also scheduled to have a non-title match against Natalya tonight on SmackDown Live, but that match also appears to have been cut.

According to Wrestling Inc., Flair actually didn’t wrestle at any of the WWE live events over the weekend and didn’t have a single match. As a matter of fact, her last matches happened last week on SmackDown Live when she lost to Natalya and she also worked a six-woman tag team match the night before that.

UPDATE: Flair’s injury has now been revealed and it has been confirmed that she had minor dental surgery for a mouth infection last Wednesday. While she cannot currently compete, she is expected to be healed in time for her WrestleMania 34 match against Asuka.

There are a mere 12 days until WrestleMania 34 and if Flair’s injury is serious, it could end up keeping her off of the card. As of now, there is no word if that will be the case or what WWE would do if that situation came about, but you can be sure they are already thinking about it. Asuka is ready to take on all challengers and only wants to face the best, but if Charlotte Flair’s injury is bad, she may have to wait to take on the daughter of the “Nature Boy.”

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