Voicemail Sent To Twitter Users’ Mobile Phones Refers To Stephen Hawking, Date Of Alien Takeover, Strange Code

A voicemail from an unknown number that was sent to several mobile phones belonging to random Twitter users has been decoded recently to show that the message refers to the late scientist Stephen Hawking, as well as a date of an alleged alien takeover, and a strange code written in the NATO phonetic alphabet. The robotic voicemail went viral after one Twitter user named Ty, at username @strayedaway, shared the entire voicemail message on March 13 on his now-deactivated personal Twitter account.

The Reddit conspiracy subreddit outlines all of the tweets that transpired after Ty shared the “mysterious” and “creepy” voicemail on Twitter two weeks ago. Communication surrounding the voicemail, which was sent using a robotic-sounding text to speech program, is difficult to follow and spans over several days. Ty, the original Twitter poster, shared that he was deactivating his cell phone service after receiving the dire “danger SOS” message, as shown via a post on Steemit.

Several online media outlets have picked up the voicemail, which is over one minute in length, and the Express wrote last Wednesday that the translated message is apocalyptic. According to the article on the Express, several other Twitter users have since received the voicemail, which includes a code written in the NATO phonetic alphabet, a reference to the late Stephen Hawking, and a date that’s allegedly been decoded to mean when aliens are supposed to visit the earth. The automated voicemail also refers to the still-missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared from radar over four years ago.

Fox News calls Ty an “ordinary Twitter user” who received a “terrifying” military voicemail that allegedly warns of an “impending doomsday.” Ty reportedly shared the entire voicemail recording in hopes that other Twitter users would be able to help translate it. Fox News also reported last Tuesday that Ty ultimately had to deactivate his Twitter account due to hundreds of thousands of new followers and death threats, but not before other Twitter users had successfully helped to decipher the voicemail.

The Daily Star reported last Wednesday that the voicemail appears to include coordinates to a location in Africa near Malaysia and might lead to the exact location of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Other Twitter users reportedly “cracked” a code within the voicemail to show that the message refers to Stephen Hawking and his death on March 14, although Ty reportedly shared the voicemail to his Twitter account on March 13. The Daily Star also shares that “numerical sequences” within the voicemail translate to April 18, which is supposedly when aliens are scheduled to “take over” Earth.

The previously mentioned article from the Express quotes word for word the entire “longer version” of the voicemail that some Twitter users received on their mobile phones. Several conspiracy theorists have since attempted to solve the voicemail message that starts by telling the receiver that “this is not a test” and “this is not a joke.” However, the Fox News report wrote that the voicemail may actually just be another puzzle or alternate reality game, much like Cicada 3301 that hit the internet in 2012 and was finally solved in 2014.

The Telegraph reported in late 2013 that these types of messages are typically sent out and posted to the internet as a recruitment tool for groups like the NSA or CIA looking for “intelligent individuals.” Another Twitter account called @LunarrRabbits reportedly suggests that the voicemail that Twitter user @strayedaway received and shared “might be the case” of another Cicada-type event, although maybe not from the “real” Cicada, and that April 18 “is definitely safe.”