LaDonna Hughett: Heavily Intoxicated 54-Year-Old Arrested For Allegedly Making Lewd Comments To Easter Bunny


LaDonna Hughett was arrested this week after police say the 54-year-old Ohio woman showed up at a town event heavily intoxicated and made lewd comments to an Easter Bunny.

As WTVD reported, the woman had waited in line to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny before riding the carousel at a community event at Richland Carrousel Park in Mansfield, Ohio. But when she finally had the chance to sit on the furry creature’s lap, she reportedly ended up making lewd comments.

A police report said that LaDonna Hughett appeared to be heavily intoxicated, with slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and breath that smelled of alcohol. She was arrested after the incident and taken to the Richland County Jail.

This is not the first time that news of a strange arrest related to a legendary holiday figure has gone viral. At Christmas time last year, a volunteer Santa Claus from New Jersey was slapped with drug charges after police found a crack pipe next to his Santa costume inside his vehicle. As reported, Charles Smith was a volunteer at Toys for Tots, sharing the Christmas spirit with youth around the area. But in his spare time, Smith was allegedly smoking crack and shooting heroin using hypodermic needles also found in the car, police said.

The story generated some national headlines, though police in New Jersey did not seem too amused at the arrest.

“This is the guy who has our kids sitting on his lap,” South Hackensack Police Capt. Robert Kaiser told The Daily Voice.

Just a few weeks before Smith’s arrest, police in New York City arrested a man who was allegedly groping women while wearing a Santa Clause costume. The New York Post reported that the man, David Cruz-Rodriguez, was accused of assaulting several women, and one was able to take a picture of him to give to police. Police later stopped the man for littering and recognized his Santa hat, arresting him.


As CBS Pittsburgh reported, LaDonna Hughett faces a charge of public drunkenness for the incident. It was not clear if she faced any specific charges for lewd comments she allegedly made to the Easter Bunny.