‘The Walking Dead’: New Video Trailer And Spoilers [Video]

The Walking Dead new video trailer shows things will be heating up in Woodbury when Season 3 resumes. The second part of Season 3 airs on February 10. A brewing war between Rick’s group and The Governor is expected to come to a head very quickly, if Walking Dead spoiler alerts are accurate.

As all die-hard TWD fans recall, the first half of Season 3 cliffhanger ended with Daryl and Merle Dixon’s lives hanging in the balance. The Walking Dead videos previously released show Andrea standing up to The Governor and trying to get her new lover to spare her old pal’s life.

The new Walking Dead preview video shows The Governor telling the Dixon brothers that the must fight to the death inside the Woodbury arena. Even crusty old Merle is unlikely to turn on his own brother. Beneath the poor grammar and redneck swagger, there just might be a heart beating beneath the one-handed man’s cleaned dirty shirt.

Herschel will once again pick up a gun to help defend the group of strangers who have become part of the family, i09 notes. Episode 14 of the Walking Dead is entitled, “Prey,” according to Examiner. If TWD spoilers are accurate, The Governor will attack the prison during this episode. Rick is supposedly serious injured and Daryl must make a “big” decision.

Since Daryl Dixon is forced to become a defacto leader in “Prey,” the character’s massively enormous fan base can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The episode will reportedly air on March 17.

Episode 15 is allegedly entitled “This Sorrowful Life” and airs on March 24. During this episode of TheWalking Dead, Rick is supposedly betrayed. Andrea and Michonne reunite and The Governor comes looking for his lady love and confronts a very defiant Rick and Glenn.

Are you counting down the days until The Walking Dead returns to your living room?