Nicole Kidman Discusses Her Children’s Belief In Scientology

Nicole Kidman opened up about the Church of Scientology beliefs of her children during a recent interview. Kidman and Tom Cruise adopted Isabella, 20, and Connor, 17, during their marriage. Although the Australian actress appears to have resisted the urge to become a Scientologist, she noted that she respects the decision of her children to attend the same church as their father.

During The Hollywood Reporter interview, Kidman was asked about a Scientology expose, Going Clear. Pulitzer Prize winning author Lawrence Wright wrote the expose which claims the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorce was blamed upon the “cult” religion.

Wright’s piece and a similar one in Vanity Fair both claim that the Church of Scientology turned against Kidman. The actress has never confirmed nor denied how the Scientology church treated her during or after her divorce from Tom Cruise.

The Paperboy star had this to say about Scientology being noted as factor in her divorce from Tom Cruise:

“I’ll be it [Cruise divorce] is. My eye is going to a dress here [while scanning Going Clear] that’s how interested I am in this. I’ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children who are Scientologists and I utterly respect their beliefs.”

During an interview early last year, Isabella Cruise discussed her relationship with her mom, Radar Online notes. The Scientologist had this to say about Nicole Kidman:

“I love my mom. She’s my mom. She’s great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her.”

Kidman is now married to Keith Urban, and the couple has two young daughters.