Jason Duggar Next To Court? The ‘Counting On’ Star Is The Duggar’s Most Eligible Bachelor

When you turn 18 in the Duggar family, it is time to start courting, and that means Counting On star Jason Duggar is about to become the most eligible bachelor in the family. If you aren’t familiar with Jason yet, you will be, because he turns 18 next month, and he already has his own home and is building a career. And in the Duggar clan, that means now is the time for him to find the perfect lady to marry.

According to In Touch Weekly, Jason Michael (yes, the Duggars do have middle names) came into the world on April 21, 2000, and fans first met him on the Duggar special 14 Children & Pregnant Again when he was just 4-years-old. At the age of 8, his family started filming their own show, and he got a lot of attention when the family went to Atlanta, Georgia, and he fell into an orchestra pit.

After the incident, Jason ended up with broken teeth, a fractured jaw, a sprained knee, and several stitches on his face.

But now, Jason is all grown up, and last year his dad Jim Bob bought him a house for $33,000 that the 12th Duggar child co-signed for. He is fixing up and repairing the three-bedroom and two-bath home, but this isn’t his first flip. Jason actually started his real estate career at the age of 16.


Jason also has other career goals, and his love of making videos and the entertainment business is leading him to become a videographer one day. He made his first foray into film as an extra in the movie Courageous back in 2010, but his part didn’t make the final cut.

The Duggar sisters tend to be at the forefront of the family’s fame, so not much is known about the day-to-day life of a Duggar brother. But, in a recent TLCMe video, a few of the Duggar boys explain what the family’s goals are for the men in the family – learning as many skills as possible before settling down.

“The way it kind of works for guys in my family who are trying to move up through the ladder, first of all, you start off doing the mowing and then may switching over to working on the properties my dad’s working on,” Josiah explained. “Then maybe from there transitioning into the cars, and then slowly transitioning over into real estate.”

The Duggar family is always full of surprises, and so many find them interesting because of their traditional lifestyle. Now, it seems like the Duggar family formula is working yet again for another son who is getting involved in the family business and preparing for a life in Arkansas that he can eventually share with a wife and children.

Find out if Jason Duggar is the next to court on new episodes of Counting On, Monday nights on TLC.

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