Worst City For Bed Bugs: Chicago Tops New Pest Control List

Pest control company Orkin has stated that Chicago ranks as the worst city for bed bugs in the United States.

The bed bug business was reportedly booming in 2012. The company said that it increased nearly 33 percent from the numbers posted in 2011. According to UPI, a lot of that new business came from Chicago. However, the city wasn’t the only offender on the list.

Following close behind were Detroit, Los Angeles, Denver, and Cincinnati. Other Ohio cities mentioned in Orkin’s worst bed bugs list were Cleveland and Columbus.

The Huffington Post reports that New York ranked towards the bottom of Orkin’s list. The nation’s largest city’s decision to address the problem in the past has resulted in fewer infestations.

Safer Pest Control Project told CBS Chicago:

“New York used to have a terrible problem. They’ve reacted to that problem, and they’ve gotten it under control, whereas Chicago is seeing an uptick in bedbugs, because we are sort of behind the curve.”

Orkin technical services director Ron Harrison said a person’s best defense against bed bug infestation is to take precautions. Although cleanliness isn’t a major factor, the insects are drawn to cluttered areas.

Harrison explained:

“Based on the diversity of cities on the list, we all need to be very cautious when we travel — whether it is business or pleasure, or to visit family, friends or vacation.

The Loyola University Health System explained in a recent press release that getting rid of bed bugs once they’ve infested an area can be difficult. Dr. Joseph Leija said the bugs are “are insidious survivors who travel well – they hide in cracks in wood and in the weave of cloth.”

Dr. Leija said travelers should thoroughly inspect bedding and mattresses during their stays away from home. The same warning was also issued to those who buy both used furniture and clothing.

Are you surprised that Chicago is currently the worst city for bed bugs in the US?