RedLasso = Fail

RedLasso Cease and Desist (00120944)Upload a doc Read this doc on Scribd: RedLasso Cease and Desist (00120944)

TV clipping service RedLasso has been served with a cease and desist from big media for using their content without permission.

Fox, CBS and NBC are demanding that RedLasso stop recording and distributing clips from their network, and are giving them until May 29 to stop or get hauled into court, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

RedLasso has found favor in the political and celebrity blogging spaces for quickly providing show clips from big media companies, something the companies themselves have not been successfully providing.

But here’s the thing: RedLasso has built a business based on other peoples content, and has taken the content without permission. What did they seriously think would happen? RedLasso hasn’t responded publicly yet to the C&D, but at a guess they’ll plead fair use, however fair use doesn’t apply here given the redistribution is the main function of the business.

Great business idea, complete FAIL on execution.

For a bonus round of fail visit their website using Firefox 3 RC1.