‘Counting On’ Josiah Duggar Breaks The Rules On Instagram, But Is Lauren Swanson On Social Media?

Ever since their engagement announcement, fans have been dying to find out about Counting On star Josiah Duggar’s new fiancée, Lauren Swanson, but they are having a hard time finding out details about the 18-year-old. Is the bride-to-be on Instagram like her future husband, or any social media platform at all?

As Romper reports, the Duggar family is well-known for their strict rules, including those that focus on social media. Jim Bob and Michelle don’t allow their children to get online until they are engaged, but Josiah has been an exception. Ever since he started courting Marjorie Jackson back in 2015, the 21-year-old has had Instagram and Twitter accounts. But, when that relationship ended, his accounts didn’t disappear. Instead, he continued to share thoughts and photos over the past couple of years, and once he got engaged to Swanson, the focus has been on his future bride.

But as it turns out, Swanson is following the Duggar family rules more than Josiah. And unlike just about every other teenager in the country, she doesn’t appear to have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.

For now, Swanson seems to be social media free, but that could change soon now that she and Josiah are engaged.


In the meantime, fans will have to rely on Josiah’s posts, which have lately featured pictures of him and Swanson breaking some of the family’s physical contact rules. During their recent trip to New Zealand, the couple visited the Waiouru Army Museum, and they were quite touchy-feely with each other, with their faces being within kissing distance at one point.

He has also written sweet things about Swanson, at one point letting fans know that the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes he can’t live without her. He went on to write that there is no one else he’d rather spend his days and grow old with.


Josiah also recently posted a pic of him and Swanson Face Timing, and it caught the attention of fans because there didn’t seem to be chaperone anywhere in sight.

Until Swanson makes her debut on Counting On, it looks like she is going to remain a mystery to fans and continue to keep a low profile.

The same thing happened when Josiah was courting Jackson. She didn’t have an Instagram account until after the two broke up, and she ended up posting her first pic not long after the courtship ended.

The former couple never revealed why they ended their relationship, but the speculation is that Jackson didn’t want anything to do with the Duggar drama at the time. Back in 2015, Josiah’s older brother Josh was the focus of a molestation and cheating scandal that led to TLC canceling 19 Kids & Counting.

Jackson decided that being a Duggar bride wasn’t for her and moved on to write two books and go to college.

Watch Josiah Duggar court Lauren Swanson on new episodes of Counting On, Monday nights on TLC.

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