‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For Week Of March 26: Lani Moves On, Abe And Valerie Clash Over Pregnancy Reveal

Lani (Sal Stowers) has to deal with the consequences of her actions, and Days of Our Lives spoilers from She Knows tease that she will draw strength from her family including her unborn child.

Touching Scenes Ahead

The truth is out, and Lani has no one to blame but the series of wrong decisions she made. Sleeping with Eli just to get even was a huge mistake and so is trying to pass off the child from that night as her boyfriend’s. JJ is not open to giving her a chance, and for the first time, Lani will have to face the problem head on without anyone to rely on.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Lani will talk to her child -something she had never done before. Lani has been on a roller coaster of emotions for the past few weeks, but she did not find the time to have a conversation with her baby. With no one to talk to, she will have a sweet conversation with the baby and apologize for the mess she created.

While Lani wants to be with JJ, she has no choice but to accept the truth and deal with the most important thing first -her baby. Days of the Lives spoilers indicate that she will focus on the child and be strong for the sake of the baby.

Abe Supports Lani

When all hell breaks loose, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Lani will turn to that one person who will always support her -Abe. Lani’s father will hear the truth straight out of her mouth. He knows how much his daughter needs his support in this challenging time, and he will be that man for Lani.

Days of Our Lives spoilers also suggest that Abe will hear about Valerie’s involvement in everything. It was Valerie who pressured Lani to expose the truth. Things get a bit complicated because of Valerie and Abe’s relationship. However, Abe will take his daughter’s side. It seems like this secret could potentially turn Abe against Valerie. Things are bound to get complicated next week in Days of Our Lives. It seems like Valerie will encourage Eli to fight for parental rights. Meanwhile, Abe will do everything to protect his daughter.

Before things got out of control, Lani made Eli promise that he will let JJ raise the child as his. Now that the truth is out and Lani wants to cut Eli off from her child and, most probably, her child’s life. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Valerie will have none of that and she wants Eli to have all the rights a father should have. Of course, Abe will look out for Lani’s interests, and this could cause a conflict with Valerie.