Fans Love The Idea Of Jana Duggar Dating Nathan Bates, According To 'In Touch Weekly'

Mandy Robinson

Jana Duggar is still single, and the fans always want her to find love. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that the fans have someone in mind for her and that is Nathan Bates. Considering that the Duggars have been such good friends with the Bates over the years, it wouldn't be surprising at all if someone from these two families ends up together at some point.

Nathan has been spending some time with the Duggars, but that doesn't really mean anything. It does mean that he could find a way to connect with Jana by being around more, though. So far, Jana Duggar has never admitted to courting anyone, but the rumors have flown that she has been with several different people. It sounds like she is just waiting around for the right guy. Nathan has actually cut off a courtship in the past, so he is not going to just settle for any girl that comes along. Nathan and Jana do have in common that they are both waiting for their perfect match.

Jana is four years older than Nathan. That sometimes makes things hard, but you never know. If they are a great match, then they won't worry about the age and will just go for it. Nobody has any idea right now if the two are actually interested in each other, but the fans are really hoping that this could turn into something. You know the parents would like having two of their children together seeing they get along and have the same values. Nathan is also a pilot, which fits well with the Duggars seeing that they own several planes of their own.

Regardless of if Nathan and Jana end up together, the fans are hopeful that they both end up in great relationships. They are two of the fan favorites, so of course, everyone wants the best for both of them.