Hopelessly Single ‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Shades Her Sister’s Choice In Husbands

Being 28 and single has made Jana Duggar the odd one out in her family, and it has led to a lot of speculation about her life, including the possibility that she could be gay. But, during an interview with Counting On producers, Jana reveals that she does want a husband, and it looks like she throws shade at her sisters for not being pickier about choosing a man.

According to In Touch Weekly, when producers asked Jana where she sees herself in five years, she appeared to choke up a little bit.

“I don’t really know what the next five years look like,” she said. “I guess I still have hopes and dreams of well, maybe I’ll meet the one and get married and have kids and stuff. There have been different guys come along and ask but yeah it’s just not… they haven’t been the right one.”

Jana seems to be more than happy to wait for the right guy to come along, and she may think that her sisters rushed into things. She added that she is not going to marry the first guy that comes along, even though it can be tempting, and she wants to get married to the right guy.

Right now, she says it is difficult to be in an in-between stage because she isn’t a younger sibling, but she doesn’t have a husband and children. So, she is just staying busy and is content with where God has her right now at this stage of her life and she’s learning as much as she can.

Some fans took her comments as throwing shade at her sisters for marrying so quickly and to seemingly the first men that came along.

Joy-Anna was just 19 when she married Austin Forsyth, Jinger was 22 when she married Jeremy Vuolo, Jill was 23 when she tied the knot with Derick Dillard, and Jessa was just 22 when she married Ben Seewald.

As for Jana, she is waiting to make sure she gets a good one. But, some fans believe she is waiting around while her parents attempt to pull off the most epic relationship and most over-the-top wedding in Duggar history.

But, of course, the most likely thing is that Jana Duggar has high standards for her future husband and is simply waiting for her Prince Charming instead of jumping into the arms of the first man to show interest in her.

New episodes of Counting On air Monday nights on TLC.

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