Tiffany Trump And Ross Mechanic Have Split: Another Trump Relationship Fail, Reports ‘US Magazine’

Tiffany Trump and her boyfriend Ross Mechanic have broken up according to a source who recently spoke to Us Magazine. What do we know about the breakup of Trump and Mechanic, who dated for two years?

The publication explained that the former couple actually split last fall, in what was described as a “cordial split.” The immediate explanation for the surprising split made by the exclusive “source” is that the law student is focused on only one thing.

“She’s taking law school seriously.”

According to Yahoo, the couple met at the University of Pennsylvania. Ross Mechanic’s May 2017 graduation photo with the couple holding hands is the last pic on Tiffany’s social media.

Mechanic was with his girlfriend at the Republican Convention in 2016 and was invited to Trump’s inauguration. Last year, he was “spotted” deplaning from Air Force One for a Trump Easter at Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

They also point out that the two had a lot in common, as his father, Jonathan Mechanic, is a “top” real estate lawyer for Fried Frank.

Ross Mechanic also enjoyed other Trump-related perks as he interned at Cadre, Jared Kushner’s real estate investment startup. Kushner is, of course, Ivanka Trump’s husband.

It became evident that Mechanic’s absence from Tiffany’s social media, and that he made his own Instagram private in September, that this is when the source claims the couple split.

Although neither has confirmed their split, the speculation is that the couple broke up about the time she moved to Washington, D.C., for law school.

According to Tiffany’s Instagram account, her first day of Georgetown Law School was on August 28, 2017. The 24-year-old daughter of Marla Maples and Donald Trump had posted a pile of books, two binders, and a hat all bookmarked by Georgetown-blue hydrangeas.

Her half-brother Eric Trump, whose mother is Ivana Trump, had also attended Georgetown. He reportedly graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in finance and management, which are essential skills in running the family business.

The school is just “minutes” from the White House, yet it is not clear if Tiffany’s plan is to eventually work for her father once she gets her law degree. Now that Donald Trump has fired his attorney, John Dowd, it appears that her skills could be helpful, as he likes to have his children participate in his businesses. Yet, Tiffany may have a lot of school to go before she can help out her dad.

Tiffany Trump And Ross Mechanic Have Split: Another Trump Relationship Fail Claims 'US Magazine'

Mechanic seems to have now moved on with New York University public relations student Carly Berns, who he spent Valentine’s Day with. There does not appear to be anyone new in Tiffany Trump’s life.