Karen McDougal Cries, Says She’s Sorry To Melania Trump About Alleged Affair With Donald Trump [Videos]

Karen McDougal talked to Anderson Cooper for approximately one hour on Thursday, March 22, with the resulting interview airing on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, as seen in videos below. Karen spoke about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, one she said got so serious that it could have possibly led to marriage — at least in her eyes. Karen can be seen in the photo above from 2007, when McDougal attended the Playboy Golf Tee-Off Party at the Playboy Mansion, in Los Angeles.

It’s the same local where McDougal claimed that she first met Trump, in the summer of 2006, as reported by CNN. Karen said she met Donald when they were filming the Celebrity Apprentice at the Playboy Mansion, where Karen was required to work a number of events. Trump said hello to McDougal and throughout the night it was obvious Trump was attracted to Karen, according to the former Playboy Playmate of the Year. “I could see it,” Karen said, noting that “the house mom said this guy’s really into you.”

At the end of the night, Trump allegedly asked her to write his phone number down. Karen thought it would be nice and interesting to communicate with the smart and brilliant mind who was Trump, as she called him. They spoke for about a week prior to his next visit to Los Angeles. As seen in the video below, Karen said to Melania that she’s sorry, as reported by CNN.

“I had many of his phone numbers,” McDougal said, alleging that she had Trump’s direct phone number and his secretary Twee’s phone number, as well as the phone number of Trump’s bodyguard, a man named Keith. Trump would call her from a blocked number with no caller ID, just a 212 area code.

Melania, Karen, and Donald were photographed together. Cooper showed McDougal a photo of the time when Karen first met Melania, where McDougal said she tried to keep her distance from Donald’s wife. “I tried to go as far away as I could,” Karen said.

“Maybe Melania knew,” McDougal surmised. “It was told to me that they were arguing that night,” McDougal said of Melania and Donald, and claimed someone told Karen it was probably because of her. Karen also took a photo with Eric Trump.

Karen said that Trump was funny, and that they had a good time, spending a “normal, everyday life” together.

McDougal said she had her “first date” with Trump on June 12, 2006, with their “first date” allegedly falling on Trump’s birthday, Karen assumed, but Trump’s birthday is actually June 14.

Karen said they dined at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “I thought we were having dinner at the hotel, but it was in his bungalow in the back where Trump always stayed, the nicest bungalow,” she said. They talked about his birthday. “As the night ended, we were intimate,” she confessed. “That’s where we went every time. I’m a smart girl, I probably could’ve figured it out. I was so nervous to meet with him in general. I was attracted to him. He’s a nice-looking man, I was attracted to his charisma. He’s got nice posture.”

The alleged sex between McDougal and Trump was consensual, according to Karen.

“After we had been intimate, he tried to pay me,” McDougal claimed about her first time allegedly having sex with Trump.

Karen said that with Trump trying to hand her money, it left her aghast. “I just had this look, I don’t even know how to describe it. I had never been offered money like that. That’s not me. I’m not that kind of girl,” she said.

McDougal said that Trump called her really special after she refused to take his money. The thought of getting paid for sex made her sad, Karen told Cooper.

“I started crying. I was really said. It really hurt me that he saw me in that light,” she said, at the thought that anyone could assume that’s the kind of girl she was. “I cried a lot. I felt terrible about myself. I didn’t think I would see him again. But when he called, and he’s so sweet. Very loving, kind and caring. Very charming. Very sweet. His personality to me was wow, I loved it, it was great,” she continued.

Karen said that when Trump came to L.A. for visits, he was there between three to seven days. She would write “DT” on the days that Trump came to town to see her in her journal. McDougal claimed that she and Trump spent a lot of time together. She told her sister, but Karen told her mother that she and Trump were just friends. McDougal’s mom kind of scolded her a little bit. “My sister heard him on the phone. I put him on speaker,” Karen said.

Cooper told Karen that she knew Trump was married.

“I never brought up his wife,” Karen said. McDougal said that Trump called Melania an intelligent woman who spoke four or five languages. Their first liaison was shortly after Barron Trump was born. The only thing Karen said about his son was that the name Barron was a nice name, without talking much more about Trump’s wife or family.

“When I look back, I know it’s wrong. Back in those days, I was different girl. I had fun. I was in the Playboy scene. I was just enjoying life as much as I could. There was a real relationship there. Deep inside, I still had a lot of guilt. I know he had real feelings for me.”

Karen was in love with Trump, she claimed, and said he was in love with her. He always told her he loved her. He would call her “beautiful Karen” or “baby.” She went to a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, his course in New Jersey, and his home in New York (Trump’s apartment in Trump Tower), as well as California and other places she couldn’t recall.

Trump would allegedly reimburse Karen for flights and hotel rooms that she paid for in advance so that there would be no paper trail. McDougal was not aware of any other women at the Lake Tahoe event where Stormy Daniels claims she bedded Trump as well. Karen thought the relationship with Trump was getting stronger.

When Karen made a Trump Tower visit with the businessman, it was through the back entrance.

“Aren’t you afraid to bring me here?” Karen said she asked Trump. “They won’t say anything,” Trump allegedly answered. It’s very gold in Trump’s apartment, with amazing views, Karen recalled.

“This is Melania’s room,” McDougal claims Trump told her upon showing her Melania’s room in Trump Tower, claiming she likes to have her alone time, to read or whatever. Karen felt guilty, very guilty, being in the Trump Tower apartment.

McDougal also claimed that Trump is very proud of Ivanka. Trump allegedly said that Karen was beautiful like Ivanka.

“I heard a lot about her. I brag about my dog that much,” Karen told Cooper.

Karen claims that Trump is trying to protect his family and his image. McDougal said that she didn’t understand how Trump could have had an alleged affair with Stormy, because the only time she wasn’t with Trump in Lake Tahoe was when he was golfing. “Oh there were a bunch of porn stars out there,” Trump told her once in Lake Tahoe, claiming the adult film stars wanted his signature. McDougal claimed that Trump might have allegedly been with Stormy after Karen left Lake Tahoe.

McDougal said she saw Trump a minimum of five times per month up to a bigger number of times per month. Karen said she ended the relationship in April 2007, after being with Trump allegedly intimately “many dozens of times.”

Trump did not use protection, according to Karen, when they had sex. “I don’t like these things,” Trump allegedly told her about contraception.

“We didn’t use any. I was feeling so guilty. It was digging inside me. I did care about the man so that made it hard to end it. How could I do this to a family? Whether they get along or not. I just need to get out of it,” Karen said.

It was very hard to end the relationship. Karen said she blamed it on her mom and how she would be disappointed. McDougal spoke with Trump again in 2009, but they weren’t together. Trump allegedly got McDougal a room at the Trump Hotel in Vegas. But it was nothing like the old days at all, because they were not intimate and Karen had a new mate. Then they lost contact.

“Did you ever think about rekindling the relationship?” Cooper asked. “Not while he was married,” McDougal said.

The media contacted Karen in 2011. Journalists followed her and wouldn’t leave her alone, so Karen put out a denial via her manager. McDougal is a die-hard Republican who voted for Trump, and has finally come forward because she said she’s not playing the games with AMI and lawyers and her contract any more.

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