March 21, 2018
Psychic Who Predicted 9/11 Predicts Who Will Rule The World 'One Day'

A psychic who predicted the 9/11 attacks also predicted who will rule the world "one day." According to an article on the Sun last Sunday, the Bulgarian blind psychic, Baba Vanga, foretold of a world ruler before her death in 1996. Vanga left behind many other predictions before she died at the age of 85 and is said to be 85 percent accurate.

Although Vanga didn't actually say when her prophecy of a world ruler would take place, the blind psychic, who reportedly lost her eyesight and gained her psychic abilities after she was picked up by a tornado before the age of 15, did predict that a country and its current leader would "one day" rule the world. Another article published in the Mirror on Monday calls Vanga's prediction of who will "dominate the world" a "chilling prediction."

Baba Vanga correctly predicted several other world events, according to an article on Ancient Explorers that points to her correct predictions of the 9/11 terror attacks, the ISIS terror group, and the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk. The Baba Vanga website also lists several other "predictions that came true," including Chernobyl, Stalin's death, Brexit, and that the 44th U.S. president would be black.

After having more than an 80-percent accuracy in her predictions, another article on the Sun shares that Baba Vanga, also known as Grandmother Vanga, convinced her loyal followers that she did, indeed, possess "paranormal activities." Vanga's previous correct predictions have led several online media outlets to, at least, take notice of and consider her prediction about who will eventually "dominate the world," especially considering recent world events.

According to Baba Vanga, she predicts that Russia and its current leader, Vladimir Putin, "will one day rule the world," as noted by a previously-mentioned article on the Sun. Vanga's prediction of a world ruler is a notable one, mainly because of Putin's recent landslide win in Russia's election to rule the country "for another six years," according to the BBC. Putin, who's been called a "powerful" and "unstoppable" man, has been the president of Russia for nearly 12 non-consecutive years already.

An article on notes that Baba Vanga first publicly predicted Vladimir Putin's reign as eventual world ruler in 1979. Vanga declared in an interview with a writer about 17 years before her death that "nobody can stop Russia." Vanga goes on to say that both Russia and Vladimir Putin will, one day, have "glory" and become the "lord of the world."

The Mirror notes that, according to Baba Vanga, Russia will eventually become the "world's only superpower" but also notes that "specialists" have actually only calculated her predictions to be 68 percent accurate -- not 85 percent. The Mirror also shared on Monday that 65-year-old Vladimir Putin "will have to wait" an undetermined amount of time to become the ruler of the world, adding that Vanga also predicted that China will first overtake the U.S. as the next world "superpower."

Unexplained Realms shares that Baba Vanga also predicted a "realm of being," called a "false world," that would be created in 2003 and would allow cultures from all over the world to "blend." Some believe the other realm that Vanga predicted was the initial creation of Facebook by founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2003 -- originally called Facemash. However, others speculate the false world that Vanga was referring to was actually the online game called Second Life, a virtual world with millions of users worldwide that was also launched in 2003.