President Obama Will Put ‘Taxation Without Representation’ License Plates On His Limo

President Barack Obama will soon be roaming around town with license plates that read “Taxation Without Representation” on his limousine. Although fiscal conservatives may think such a vanity plate appropriately reflects the president’s spending mindset, the personalized plates are meant to reflect the woes of Washington, D.C., residents.

The symbolic license plates are in response to a Washington, D.C., Council White House petition and a resolution to make the vehicle plates reflect citizen desire to have a Congressional representative. Citizens are angry that they are subject to taxation without representation due to the municipality’s unique stateless status, Washington Post journalist Tim Craig noted on Twitter.

Tim Craig posted on his social networking account that the White House has witnessed “first-hand how patently unfair” it is for residents of Washington, D.C., to be forced to pay taxes without representation in Congress.

Former President Bill Clinton “embraced the gesture” while he was in office and also cruised with the taxation without representation license plates, according to the Business Insider.

The White House petition filed by Washington, D.C., residents angry about the taxation representation issue has garnered more than 600,000 signatures. An excerpt from the petition requesting President Obama to use the symbolic license plates reads:

“President Obama supports a vote in Congress for the people of DC. But the license plates on the Presidential motorcade do not include the Taxation Without Representation message. We ask that the Administration place the Taxation Without Representation plates on his vehicle prior to the inauguration so the nation will clearly understand the political reality in D.C.”

What do you think about the President Obama taxation without representation license plates?