Lala Kent Insults Jennifer Lawrence After Her Recent Comments, Even As She Says They Are ‘All Good Now’

Lala Kent and Jennifer Lawrence may not run in the same celebrity circles, but the two women have been thrown together in a feud that all started after the Red Sparrow actress visited Watch What Happens Live on Bravo at the beginning of March. Lawrence has long admitted to being a fan of reality television, and in particular, the series Vanderpump Rules. As the Inquisitr reported at the time, the actress was very candid during the episode she appeared on, talking about some of the stars of the show, and in particular taking aim at Kent, calling the other woman a phony as well as a “b****” and a “c***.”

While Lala Kent responded to the name calling at the time, it seems that even a few weeks later the reality star was not quite over what Jennifer Lawrence said about her. According to E! News, in an interview that was taped back at the beginning of March but did not air until Tuesday, Kent had quite a bit to say about the other woman, even saying that if Lawrence is brought up to her in conversation, she is “going to have nothing nice to say about her.” In fact, Lala Kent said that when she talks about Jennifer Lawrence going forward, she will say things like, “her hair sucks, her face is a little too pudgy, like she needs to stop the drinking.”

However, as Entertainment Tonight Canada reported, these comments were not the only ones that Kent made about the actress during the interview. When she was asked about whether or not she believed Lawrence “had a sexual encounter with Harvey Weinstein,” Lala Kent said that she actually believes that “she’s that type of chick.”

With the interview having been filmed around the time that Jennifer Lawrence’s comments were made on WWHL, it makes sense that Kent may have been a lot more upset and less forgiving of what was said about her. In fact, in a tweet from Lala Kent on March 20, after the interview was released, the reality star explained that her comments about the actress were made back when she was still hurting and emotional over what Lawrence said.

In her newest tweet about the situation and her interview, Kent said, “excuses aside, I wanted to let it be known J.Law and I are all good now.” While Lala Kent might seemingly be over having been hurt by what Jennifer Lawrence said, it sounds like the insults and negative comments will be following both women for a while.

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