March 20, 2018
Britney Spears Flaunts Torso In Head-Turning Outfits For French Fashion Label

Britney Spears is showcasing some head-turning looks in a new fashion campaign. She flaunts her toned torso in many of the outfits she models for a French label that is launching a new line of clothing. The singer calls the collection "youthful."

People reports on Tuesday that the 36-year-old is the face of Kenzo's La Collection Memento No. 2 ad campaign. The photos shared on social media by Britney and Kenzo are shot by renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh.

According to the report, the Parisian brand selected Britney Spears for the campaign because she "embraces the theme and inspiration" behind the collection. It represents the idea of "Icons," a term that certainly defines Spears.

Creative director Humberto Leon said in a press release that Britney fits into Kenzo's Momento project "perfectly" in terms of her "iconography." Leon calls her a "legend" and that she ranks up there with Madonna and Michael Jackson. He goes on to say that Spears is "synonymous with denim" in his eyes, referencing a time when she and Justin Timberlake "came out in their denim outfits."

Perhaps the photo Britney is getting the most attention for is the full denim look she models for the brand. The "Toxic" singer is posing on a street with a denim bra, underwear, and a crop top jacket. Denim lace-up boots go up to her thighs and she's wearing a baseball cap with the Kenzo logo.

Another outfit Britney Spears models is a green crop top over a black sports bra and pants; the fairy tattoo on her lower back is seen in one of the poses. The pop star also posed wearing a small, red backpack with the outfit.A leaf-printed outfit is one more look Britney models for the Kenzo campaign. The skirt, bra, and long coat also have the bamboo tiger print mixed into the vibrant design.Britney Spears told Vogue magazine that she had a lot of fun shooting for the Kenzo collection. The "weird" part for her was shooting the denim look on a street instead of a "studio or a small space" like she's used to. Although the performer is used to wearing an array of revealing costumes on stage, she said it "felt odd" wearing "really promiscuous clothes" out in the open. Moreover, Spears shared that she's more conscious not to "take as much risk" in her style choices around her sons, Jayden, 11, and Sean, 12. She usually sticks to "nightgowns" when she's at home with them. In her younger years, the pop star wore whatever she wanted and threw caution to the wind. As a mother, she admits to holding back "out of fear of embarrassing [her] kids and out of respect for them."