March 20, 2018
Hot-Headed Parents Arrested After Teething Baby Gets Thrown From Unstrapped Car Seat, Lands On Head

A couple from Conway, South Carolina, is currently facing neglect charges after their baby was allegedly thrown from his unstrapped car seat, causing a serious head injury.

The suspects, identified as Jacob Lowman, 22, and Juliana Biggerstaff, 20, were arrested and taken into custody on Thursday after authorities received a report about the incident, The State reported.

Officers who responded to the couple's home in Woodwinds Drive noted that the baby boy had a visible injury on the top of his head, suggesting that he was probably dropped head first.

Speaking with Horry County police, Biggerstaff claimed that her baby was sitting unstrapped in his car seat when he started crying out loud because of teething.

Apparently, Lowman became impatient and angry with all the noise, prompting him to throw the car seat with the baby in it outside of the vehicle. According to Biggerstaff, the infant flew out of the car seat and landed on his head, causing a serious injury.

Biggerstaff then rushed over to their baby and picked him up. The injured infant was "crying hysterically" as she tried to console him.

The mother also explained how she tried to get the baby to a hospital. However, her husband allegedly stopped her from doing so, threatening that "if the baby was taken to the hospital, Department of Social Services would remove the child from their care."

The worried mother was left with no choice but to calm the baby down by feeding him with a bottle of milk.

The following day, Lowman reportedly left their home to buy a new car as if nothing happened. He did not return until Wednesday, which sparked a serious argument with Biggerstaff.

Apparently, the mother was upset that he left her and their injured baby for a day, despite the incident. Lowman allegedly did not show any compassion and pulled out of the driveway once more, almost dragging his wife along.

That was when Biggerstaff called the complainant, which in return reported to the police. According to WYFF, the mother is charged because she did not contact emergency services immediately to check on her baby.

The little boy was reportedly sitting in an unstrapped car seat when the incident happened.

Meanwhile, the Department of Social Services has intervened and implemented a safety plan for the baby, who was taken to the hospital shortly after police arrived at the couple's home.

Biggerstaff and Lowman posted $5,000 bonds and were released from jail Friday. It remains unclear if they will reunite with their baby soon.