WWE-Style IHOP Brawl In Memphis Caught On Video

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A brawl at an International House of Pancakes (IHOP) restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, over the weekend featured chairs and plates being thrown and the manager of the establishment allegedly grappling with at least one customer. According to the title of the video embedded below that was apparently filmed by a customer seated at another table, the manager delivered a piledriver to an alleged attacker.

NewsChannel 3, WREG, reports that the manager asked a party of five to please quiet down in the incident that occurred shortly before 1 a.m. on Friday. Reportedly just the opposite happened, and he then asked them to leave. As they were exiting and after he called 911, one of the customers allegedly attacked the manager near the front door, and the others began tossing plates and chairs at him, the police report indicates.

The video embedded below is probably NSFW for language, but virtually the entire audio is bleeped out.

The manager was left with cuts to his face and his head in the encounter, and he was treated at a local hospital. “Victim advised one of the reasons why the suspects got so upset was because he kept calling them sirs even [though] the suspect[s] [were] dressed like ladies,” the police report added.

The Smoking Gun indicates that the alleged assailants are still at large, and cops are looking for both male and female suspects in the age 20-25 range on charges of felony aggravated assault.

Brawl on Memphis IHOP caught on video
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This is not the first fracas at the flapjack factory in the area. Back in June 2016, two sisters were allegedly involved in a chaotic brawl with employees inside a Memphis IHOP restaurant (at a different location) that came complete with multiple blows and chair shots, all captured on a cell phone camera. The tussle resulted in about $1,000 in damages to the restaurant.

A year ago this month, a brawl broke out at an Austin, Texas, IHOP restaurant, with video of the melee uploaded to social media. Several women, one of whom started throwing plates, fought with each other, as some men tried to be peacemakers. Also in March, a girl-on-girl brawl erupted at a Fort Myers, Florida, IHOP.

The Glendale, California-based breakfast-food restaurant chain has about 1,600 outlets in the U.S. and Canada.

From time to time, America’s fast-food or fast-casual franchise restaurants regardless of ownership are the scene of physical altercations, particularly (but not exclusively) in the late-night hours after the bars close.

Incidents of this nature raise the fundamental question as to whether this kind of misbehavior is occurring with more frequency and intensity across America or, in the alternative, we just find out about it more often by way of the immediacy of social media.

Watch the brief video of the Memphis IHOP brawl below.