Josiah Duggar Has Courted Before, Why Didn’t The ‘Counting On’ Star Marry Marjorie Jackson?

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Counting On star Josiah Duggar announced last week that he is engaged to Lauren Swanson after six weeks of courting, and with that news, his previous relationship with Marjorie Jackson is also getting some attention. As the only Duggar of his generation to court more than one person, fans want to know why the 21-year-old didn’t marry Jackson.

According to Romper, Duggar and Jackson were in a serious relationship back in 2015 that was very public, and at the time things seemed to be going well. However, after four months together, the couple abruptly ended things, but they didn’t give any details or explanation about what led to the breakup. Instead, they just issued a general statement.

The couple said that they had enjoyed getting to know each other and build their friendship, and the family was grateful that Duggar and Jackson were seeking the Lord’s will for their future. And, keeping in step with what they believe the Lord’s will is, they decided to end their courtship.

“Marjorie and I had a good time together. We were just trying to follow God’s lead on everything,” Duggar said of the split.“She didn’t feel that it was the right timing then, so we called it quits for a bit.”

Duggar went on to say that they still had time to grow and you never know what could happen. But, when you are thinking about a girl to marry, you ask what kind of guy she would want to be with, and you try to be that guy.

Since their split, both Duggar and Jackson have moved on. Duggar is now engaged to Swanson and Jackson has written two books and describes herself on her Instagram page as a speaker, artist, and author.

The former couple met when Duggar took Spanish lessons from Jackson’s mother, Analucia, and he was impressed with her maturity and grace. They later went on a mission trip to El Salvador, and that is when she really caught Duggar’s eye.

In April 2015, they announced that they were courting – dating with the intention of marriage – and it seemed that wedding bells were in their future. But, they ultimately called it quits, and some speculate it is because of Josh Duggar’s molestation and cheating scandals since the relationship ended not long after the news broke.

In her book Devoted, Jackson appeared to throw shade at the oldest Duggar sibling, but she did not mention him specifically, and she has not made any public comments about the rumor.

As for Josiah, he is set to marry his 18-year-old fiancée, and the two appear happy and excited about the journey they will take together. And, fans will get to watch some of that journey since it will take place in front of the Counting On cameras.

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