Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner's Helicopter Encounters Engine Failure On Way To New York, 'CNN' Reports

Heather Tooley

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were riding in a helicopter that encountered engine failure. The couple left Washington, D.C. and were on their way to New York City when the incident occurred.

CNN reports that Ivanka and Jared's helicopter experienced the engine malfunction on Thursday. One of the two engines failed, two law enforcement officers told the cable news source. The chopper was forced to turn around and return to Washington. The first daughter and her husband landed safely at Ronald Reagan National Airport and "scrambled" to get on a commercial flight instead.

It's unclear what helicopter Ivanka and Jared were flying on, or what their purpose was for flying to New York via a helicopter instead of a plane. One of the sources said prior to the engine failure, the pair and a member of their security detail were en route to a Manhattan helipad.

No other details have been provided on the helicopter engine failure involving Ivanka and Jared. News of the event emerged on Sunday.

In other headlines revolving around the couple, much has been speculated about them returning to New York permanently in the near future. A report via Vanity Fair last week suggested that Kushner may eventually make his way back to "oversee" the 2020 re-election campaign for President Donald Trump. Rumor is that the president's daughter won't be too far behind. One source in the magazine's article claimed that Ivanka will go back to New York where she'll enroll her children in a Manhattan private school by the fall.

— CNN (@CNN) March 19, 2018

If Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner do leave the White House, it's anticipated that they'll remain in close contact with the president since he values their opinions.