Jailed ‘ArmA 3’ Developers Released On Bail [Report]

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, two ArmA 3 developers for Bohemia Interactive who were held in a Greek jail for 128 days, have finally been granted bail, according to reports from Czech media. The two are now reportedly headed back home to the Czech Republic after posting €5000 bail.

Dean “Rocket” Hall, fellow Bohemia Interactive employee and creator of the ultra popular “DayZ” mod for ArmA 2, expressed his excitement over the news in a statement to Eurogamer.

“It’s really fantastic news, [I’ve] only just found out so I’m still in a little bit of shock. It is a huge relief, both personally and professionally,” Hall told the site.

“Without Ivan, DayZ never would have come out; he was the guy that pushed for me to be bought over from New Zealand to work on ArmA 3, which is where I learned some of the engine interior I needed to make DayZ a success.”

Buchta and Pezlar were arrested on charges of espionage late last year after allegedly taking photographs and recording footage of military property while vacationing on the Greek island of Lemnos.

The situation has been widely reported on since September, and it even drew the attention of Václav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic.

Even with pressure from the Czech government, the two developers remained in jail for over 120 days after their trial was continually delayed, due in no small part to the ongoing strike involving Greek judges.

The news is certainly good for everyone involved, but Buchta and Pezlar aren’t quite through with the ordeal just yet.

“Unfortunately, this is not end of the matter,” Bohemia’s Ota Vrťátko pointed out to Kotaku, “because trial is coming and they [sic] fight against these charges will be continue.”