Swedish Police Accuse 65-Year-Old Woman Of Allegedly Posting Hate Speech On Facebook

Standing accused of posting hate speech on Facebook, a 65-year-old Swedish woman will have to pay a fine or go to jail if convicted under hate crime laws. In response, the woman, Christina Oberg, has hit back by accusing the police of harassment.

After Oberg allegedly wrote a Facebook post insinuating Muslims entering Sweden would effectively lower the IQ of the country, police raided her home and interrogated her on six separate occasions. Quoting Swedish newspaper Jönköpings-Posten, Breitbart reported she denies the hate crime accusation.

According to the report, Christina supposedly continued to berate Muslims in her Facebook post, saying they commit various crimes like rape and murder. Comparing Muslims to parasites, she noted that enough is enough and they need to go.

Oberg defended her alleged comments in a YouTube video. She claims she was only being honest about mass migrations and Islam. Also in the video, she makes the claim that police detained her six times for hours-long integrations and still refuse to return several pieces of personal property.

Christina claims the police are holding a 150-page file of her activities related to an investigation by Swedish anti-hate speech group Näthatsgranskaren (Swedish for Network Examiner). The group, responsible for a recent rise in hate speech prosecutions, is made up of lawyers, former police officers, and other professionals. Per a separate Breitbart report, the group admitted women aged 65 and older could often be targeted for investigation by police.

“We were surprised to see ladies over the age of 65 write very, very rough things on Facebook,” said the group’s project manager Tomas Aberg.


Several elderly social media users have gotten themselves in trouble with Swedish law enforcement over potential hate speech. A man in his 70s was successfully convicted of hate crimes after posting derogatory comments about Muslims online. In a separate case from 2015, a 70-year-old woman was accused of writing anti-migrant hate speech online, blaming migrants for setting cars on fire and defecating in public.

Christina says an incident in 2016 triggered her current opinion about mass migration. In her words, she was assaulted by “refugee children,” and the police did nothing about it. She now has some health issues, like memory loss, as a result.

The verdict pertaining to the 65-year-old’s hate speech case will be delivered by the court on Wednesday. Now that Christina Oberg is allegedly tied to a hate crime, many of her family and friends refuse to speak to her or help her in any way.

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