Tori Spelling Begging Jennie Garth To Star In ‘90210’ Reboot, ‘Too Broke’ To Divorce Dean McDermott

Troubled former “Beverly Hills 90210” star Tori Spelling is rumored to be now begging friends to star in money-making ventures with her and is reported to be so broke she couldn’t divorce her husband, Dean McDermott, even if she wanted to.

Reports of the couple’s troubled times are nothing new, with Life & Style magazine recently reporting that police were called to their home on three different occasions in the same week to investigate “domestic” issues.

No matter how bad things might get, a friend of the couple said they might have no choice but to stick things out, adding they are “too broke” to divorce or separate.

“She loves him and has always tried to keep the relationship together, but she’s at the end of her rope,” a source said.

In one recent instance where police were called, Spelling is reported to have suffered a mental breakdown that was sparked by a fight with her husband that was at least partly over money. In addition to their troubled finances, the couple has also suffered through a public cheating scandal involving Dean, which was later relived in the form of a family reality show.

“They are at each other’s throats over so many issues — everything from their dire financial situation to neither of them having a steady job to not being able to adequately support their five children,” a source added.

Meanwhile, Radar Online reported a desperate Spelling is now trying to take matters into her own hands.

She recently directly spoke to fellow “90210” alum Jennie Garth about a return and word is Garth agreed to do so out of concern and “pity” for her longtime pal.

“Jennie is really doing it just to help her,” a source added.

No matter, Spelling wasted little time promoting the venture, taking to social media to boast of it soon after getting Garth’s vow of assistance.

Indeed, the couple doesn’t seem to have much time to lose, as Radar reported that they still owe City National Bank more than $200,000 stemming from a court judgment, and have two pending lawsuits with American Express.

The family is also reported to have lingering tax issues, and McDermott’s ex-wife recently demanded payment of more than $100,000 in overdue alimony and child support payments.

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