Scott Disick Predicts Kourtney Kardashian Will Come ‘Crawling Back’

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Scott Disick is convinced not only is ex Kourtney Kardashian not committed to new boyfriend Younes Bendjima, but she will soon come “crawling back” to him.

Although Disick has also seemingly moved on and is now rumored to be in a serious relationship with Sofia Richie, Hollywood Life reports he has no doubts his reality TV star ex will soon again come calling.

“Scott’s incredible arrogance makes it impossible for him to believe that it is over for good between him and Kourtney,” a source said of Disick. “He truly believes in his heart of hearts that she still loves him, and that she will come crawling back to him one day.”

The 34-year-old Disick and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who have three young children together, were in an up-and-down relationship for years before recently calling it quits and beginning with other partners.

“Scott has this weird way of justifying his poor life choices, and excusing his own bad behavior, which leaves him with a pretty skewed idea of what is the actual reality of things,” a source added. “In his mind, Kourtney dating Younes is just her way of punishing him and trying to make him jealous—he refuses to believe she could possibly care more for Younes than she does for him.”

Recently, Bendjima took to social media to seemingly post his thoughts and feelings on the whole Hollywood scene.

“Sometimes those who don’t socialize much aren’t actually anti-social,” he wrote. “They just have no tolerance for drama, stupidity and fake people.” He added above the message in all capital letters “You feel me?”

Kourtney Kardashian at the PrettyLittleThing launch
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Meanwhile, PEOPLE mag recently reported Disick and Kardashian are currently not on the best of terms in their co-parenting relationship.

“Kourtney and Scott’s relationship is a bit more complicated right now,” said a source. “They’re not at the best place and Scott isn’t a fan of her boyfriend. He really wanted to get back together with Kourtney at one point and was very serious about it, but they never reconciled so there are still hurt feelings there.”

Kardashian, 38, and Bendjima have been an item since meeting in Paris back in 2016.

“It’s defintely serious,” a source added. “No one thought their relationship would last this long, but Kourtney is very happy. Younes has met her kids. Kourtney’s family really likes him. He’s the opposite of Scott. He doesn’t party, isn’t flashy and really treats Kourtney with a lot of respect. It’s obvious that he really cares about her.”

Still, word is news of Disick’s relationship with the 19-year-old Ritchie didn’t initially sit well with Kardashian.

“The initial reaction from Kourtney when she found out that Scott was dating Sofia was not positive,” said a source. “Like most people, she thinks Sofia is way too young for him and doesn’t get it.”