‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Week Of March 19: Spinelli Has A Clue, Search For Henrik, & Bensch Kisses Kiki

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 19 will be mysterious and disturbing. Kiki will finally figure out what Dr. Bensch is after, Sam will continue to feel torn, and Jason will continue to pursue every lead which can lead him to Henrik.

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows reveal that Drew will tell Curtis something. This might have something to do with the past he uncovered with Franco. Drew is still looking for his old memories, and the incident which involves him, Franco, and Jim Harvey might play a crucial role in his search for who he is.

Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam will receive a phone call, and it will be unsettling for her. However, this is not the only thing that she needs to deal with. The past weeks has been a roller coaster ride for her. She told Jason she will always love him, and she had to come clean to her husband. Then, Drew disappears together with Franco which makes her panic.

Next week, General Hospital spoilers tease that she will do some serious thinking. Hopefully, she will figure out what she honestly feels.

The Mystery Of Henrik

Anna is back in town after her search for Henrik, and spoilers suggest that she will also get wind of Spinelli’s plans. Jason and Anna will talk, and this might have something to do with the search for Henrik. Spinelli will come across a new clue, and he will relay the information to his friend.

Anna has personal reasons for looking for Faison’s child, and it remains to be seen if she will allow Jason to know more about her involvement in the incident.

Meanwhile, Maxie will finally open up to someone. The past weeks have been tough for her too, and she has been relying a lot on Peter for support. Ironically, the person she has been spending so much time with and who seems to care for her too might have an ulterior motive.

Dr. Bensch Reveals His Intention

The past week on General Hospital has been daunting for Kiki (Hayley Erin). Dr. Bensch has been making moves on her, and she finds it a little disturbing. The shoulder massage, for instance, might seem like a nice gesture, but Kiki freaked out when he touched her.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that next week, Dr. Bensch will call Kiki to his office. She’s a bit terrified to enter the room, but Kiki wants to know his intentions. She might just be overthinking some things after all.

When Kiki enters the doctor’s office, she will receive some good news. Dr. Bensch has always been like a father to her, and she feels relieved when he announces that he recommended her for a prestigious internship. It seems like the doctor has been interested in her career development, not her.

However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that things will go down quickly. To her horror, Dr. Bensch will lean in and kiss her.