WWE News: Rusev Fan Chat Shut Down Due To Ryback's Trolling

Rusev decided to do a live chat with fans, where he would answer questions posed to him. As one of the surprisingly more popular stars in the WWE right now, it seemed like a good time for Rusev to continue to show fans how charismatic he is, despite limited time to do so on television. Sadly, the entire question and answer session was cut short due to former WWE superstar Ryback. According to Wrestling Inc, Rusev was going through the questions and answering them when he reached one from Ryback. The question was so out of line that Rusev immediately shut down the entire live chat.

Rusev And Ryback's Confrontation

Last night, documentarian Jon Bravo released a video that claimed to have evidence that 15 different WWE superstars bought steroids from convicted dealer Richard Rodriguez. The most prominent name that Bravo publicized heading into the video release was Roman Reigns.

The problem is that there was no evidence against Roman Reigns. Also mentioned in the video were WWE superstars such as Ultimate Warrior, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar -- but there was no evidence produced that showed that they were customers either, although Bravo claimed he had the proof.

With that said, Ryback's question for Rusev was whether or not he was a customer of Richard Rodriguez, and specifically if he was involved in the Jon Bravo steroid documentary investigation.

Rusev just smiled and said that he was officially blocking Rusev on Twitter. He then said that the chat was officially over with and WWE fans could thank Ryback for that.

WWE News: Rusev Fan Chat Shut Down Due To Ryback's Trolling

Jon Bravo WWE Fallout

Rusev was never mentioned in the Jon Bravo video from last night. As a matter of fact, Bravo even came out and said that all evidence against Roman Reigns was still in the possession of the court system and that he would release it when they release it. However, he did insinuate that wrestlers such as John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Sheamus, The Rock, Steve Austin, Bobby Lashley, and Jinder Mahal were also customers.

In response to the complaints from WWE fans who said Jon Bravo promised proof but did not deliver, he posted a lengthy response in retaliation. He said that he is just one man spearheading the investigation and refuses to release the evidence against Roman Reigns until he has the full proof in hand.

According to Forbes, there has been no reaction from the WWE and it looks like they are still supporting Roman Reigns -- and possibly the other wrestlers -- accused of these claims.