Google Pixel Now Warns Users If The Camera Lens Is Dirty, More Updates Released

The software powering Google Pixel devices has just been updated, and there are interesting features in the latest update. Forbes enumerated all the new additions to the device.

Google Pixel Features

The settings page has a whole new look. The primary focus has been on making it user-friendly. Textual descriptions have been supplemented with graphical icons, so it’s easier to tweak the settings. With this new interface, the camera app in Pixel phones looks just like other Android devices.

Another addition to the Pixel’s camera setting is the “grid-type” option. This will allow the compositional guides to appear as an overlay on the phone’s screen. However, this update is not good news for those who use the grid all the time since it is no longer accessible from the main viewfinder screen.

It seems like Google decided to change the position of the grid because users are not too keen on using it anyway. So, it’s not deserving of having such a prominent position in the device.

After taking a photo, all you need to do is tap the screen twice to zoom in the image. For those who want to make the action more useful, it’s possible to use the same gesture to switch between the front camera for taking a selfie and the rear camera for normal mode.

New Camera Feature

The latest update on the Pixel camera is the “show dirty lens warning” feature. When you turn on this notification, your phone will issue a warning when it detects that the lens in your device is dirty. This way, you can take the best photos without smudged lenses.

Google proved once again that it cares about the needs of its users by looking into even the smallest details. However, the company is holding off the big guns for the highly-awaited Android P.

Google will roll out a new Android software, called Android P. However, this operating system might not work for all handsets, and it might only be accessible for high-end devices. Android P will use a new photo format, HEIF, which will shrink the size of photos by half compared to a JPEG format.While waiting for Android P, Google Pixel device owners can enjoy the new camera features.